Is it okay to pour water on a frozen windshield? What could happen

The frozen windshield is the classic problem that occurs in winter: what happens if you pour water to defrost it?

water on the windshield
water on the windshield – MotoriNews

The biggest problem of having thecar in winterespecially if you don’t have a garage, is to find yourself the next morning with the frozen windshield.

And then it happens that you’re late, you’re in a hurry, the ice scraper takes too long and you search alternative methods to immediately defrost the glass.

There are many more or less valid solutions: some recommend spraying a little alcohol on the ice so that it melts quickly with the help of windshield wipers, others suggest adding a little water to this solution or, even easier, buy one of the many sprays on the market which allow for fast and regular defrosting.

But be careful, because as always happens in these cases, it is also the worst methods ever: now let’s talk about one that you should never try, not even as a joke, not even as a test. The damages could be spectacularly serious.

How to Defrost Frozen Windshield with Boiling Water: The Method You Should Never Try

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: who would be stupid enough to pour boiling water on the windshield or windows frozen in your car?

Frozen windshield
Frozen windshield –

It is also quite elementary physics: the strong temperature contrast between the two inevitably ends up creating serious damage to the surface that suffers its effects, in this case the glass that makes up the window or windshield.

So, if you happen to be in a hurry and still have time to boil a pot of water to throw on the frozen windshield, well, it’s best not to. Within seconds, you would actually notice the ice melting followed however by the boiling water which would end up as per “pierce” the glass by shattering it.

On the one hand, you would have solved the problem of the glass to be defrosted, since there is no more glass to defrost, on the other hand your day will be irreparably ruined and you will have to go to an authorized workshop soon to have it glass replacementespecially if it’s the windshield.

In essence, the frozen windshield is a boring and common problem for all of us who have no way of keeping the car safe during the freezing winter nights. To remedy this, there are various solutions on the market, from specific ones for situations of this type, to homemade ones that often involve the use of alcohol.

An ice scraper
An ice scraper –

It would be appropriate if anything cover the windshield with something, such as a large sheet, but also large pieces of cardboard would be useful for this purpose. The insulating nature of the latter material would allow you to avoid the formation of ice on the glass and therefore to be able to leave immediately the next morning without having to study ingenious, or otherwise, ways to “defrost” the car.

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