2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC Loses Heavy Camo In Latest Spy Photos


The last time we saw the next-generation Mercedes-Benz GLC, it was completely camouflage-free. However, our view was limited to the passenger side and even then it was parked behind the gate. At first glance it offers a taste of the future of GLC, but this new spy photo brings us to the opening table.

It’s not full disclosure by any means, but without the traditional swirl wrap, we have a clearer view of the GLC’s body lines and proportions. The heavier cover under the wrap is removed, allowing us to see the outline of the angular vents on the front fascia. The grille also looks better, looking a little narrower and just a little deeper than the current model. The wrapper still obscures the headlights, which should be thinner overall.

Speaking of body wraps, this is definitely not the typical approach to camouflaging a prototype vehicle. Adorned with small and large iterations of the three-pointed star Mercedes, the automaker seems intent on reach spotlight instead of avoiding it. As such, it’s easier to see the belt line sloping upwards on the new model, giving the GLC more of an upright SUV look than the current model. At the rear, the taillights are still obscured in the same way as the headlights. But everything under the wrapper seems to be production specs.

We believe the next-gen GLC will be a bit bigger, although the overall styling won’t stray far from the familiar formula that first appeared for the 2016 model year. As for power, we expect the SUV to borrow heavily from the C-Class. That means the option of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a hybrid and plug-in hybrid configuration, and that applies to the inevitable AMG models that will follow its life cycle later. We’ve caught testing the AMG prototype on several occasions; range-topping versions can have more than 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts) using a mix of gasoline and electric power.

When will the next GLC be revealed? Now that Mercedes is driving a test vehicle wrapped up as a mobile ad, it’s about to happen. We will definitely see it before the end of this year as the 2023 model.


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