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Scam with a fake fine? It’s the incredible story that comes from the Neapolitan: here’s how the criminals deceived motorists.

fines scam
fines scam –

We can say that after this we really heard all sorts of things. After all, when we find one fine on the windshield we tend to be more angry than careful to check every single detail.

Error that may no longer be fatal because it is precisely this superficiality that has exploited a group of criminals from the Neapolitan area to scam unfortunate drivers.

A story that we are now going to see together and that seems to come straight out of a comic film of the old Italian comedy: in reality there is very little to laugh about, especially for the victims, but a further invitation to pay attention. Yes, even to fines that seem official.

How the fine scam worked in the Neapolitan area

Some citizens, a little surprised to have found these strange fines on the windshieldthey decided to come forward and went to the police station for explanations.

Traffic wardens
Traffic police –

Who knows the surprise they must have felt when they found out that those fines were fake and therefore did not have to be paid. But what exactly happened? Yet the document left on their car actually looked authentic and at first glance it really is.

The detail, which then pushed the body of the Municipal Police of the Municipality of NaplesInitiating investigations, it was all in the IBAN to which the alleged fine should have been paid.

The Bank account details present in the fine were not connected in any way with the municipality of the Neapolitan city, but led directly to the current account of the criminals, who were thus able to easily collect several amounts before being caught by the police.

What these people did was just print gods facsimile of official law enforcement documentsfound who knows where and thanks to no one knows who, and then leave them compiled as if they were real fines on the windshields of the victims.

Those who were less attentive and more in a hurry to pay the fine paid without batting an eye: others preferred to ask instead clarifications to the police themselves and thus discover the bitter truth.

Fine fraud in Naples
Fine fraud in Naples –

How to protect yourself in these cases? Remember that all fines can be paid digitally through the digital administration tools made available to the state.

Payment details are attached to each fine which allow you to pay your fine with the certainty that it is not a scam. Otherwise, if the IBAN does not convince e if the digital platforms do not allow you to find the fine… well it means that the fine does not exist and you have fallen victim to a scam of this type.

What is certain is that, at least for a while, Neapolitan motorists can rest assured about the fines they will find on their cars because they will actually be…real!

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