Licence, no longer need the exam? What is happening in Italy

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Driving licence: do you really no longer need the exam? Here is what is changing and happening in Italy.

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All the young Italians rejoice: it is a real epochal revolution without precedent on the front of driver’s license. A real secret dream for all young people who want to get a driving licence. Could it really change anything?

To date, a driving license can only be obtained by passing the theory test and the practical test. It will be possible get a driving licence without the practical exam? This is precisely the exam that most Italian citizens detest. For which driving license will it really be possible not to have to take the exam? Let’s find out.

Driving licence: does the practical exam really no longer have to be taken?

For what means is it really possible to get a driving licence without having to take the practical exam? This is a really important chance. An epochal turning point. What license are we talking about? We are talking about the driving license A3, which allows you to ride all motorcycles, regardless of engine capacity. For this type of driving license you do not need to take any practical exam, but only the theoretical one.

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The A3 license allows you to drive motorcycles of all types, with a minimum power of forty kW and a weight of no less than one hundred and eighty kg. Just carefully check the characteristics in the vehicle registration document.

A3 licence: what are the age limits?

The new age limit for obtaining the A3 driving license has gone from twenty-one to twenty four years. The transition from the A2 to the A3 license has been eliminated 24 months after its achievement.

Driving licence: the theory test for the A3 licence

The theory exam to obtain the A3 license it must be supported only by those who possess the AM license. Holders of A2, A1 and B driving licenses are exempt, as they can only take the practical exam. The theory exam involves completing a forty-question quiz (true or false), which must be completed within thirty minutes of the start of the test. A maximum of four mistakes are allowed to pass the theory exam.

Driving licence: you will no longer have to take the practical exam

If until a few months ago to ride a motorcycle you also had to take the practical exam, now you can ride it without having to take it no practical test. You will not take any risks and you will not risk any penalties. It is enough to take a seven-hour course in a driving school.

Driving license A3: what are the costs?

To obtain the A3 driving license in driving school it is necessary to support an amount ranging from 150 to three hundred euros. Obviously the cost also depends on the amount of guides that are completed. If you contact the DMV directly, the costs are lower.

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The model TT2112 can be found online. Just print it, fill it in and return it to the DMV after making two payments of sixteen euros. moreover, it is necessary to make a payment of twenty-four euros to which postal brokerage costs must be added.