Andrea Dovizioso, moments of fear: operated on after an accident

Former MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso experienced moments of fear while training on his motorbike. Surgery was required after the fall.

Andrea Dovizioso (Facebook)
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In September, at the end of the Misano GP, Andrea Dovizioso he said goodbye to the MotoGP after 22 years and a world title in the 125 class. He came close to winning the MotoGP title three times with Ducati, before saying goodbye at the end of 2020 and moving to Yamaha with the RNF satellite team. Unfortunately, the change of brand did not lead to the desired results, hence the decision to resign a few months in advance.

The rider from Forlì has always cultivated his second great passion, motocross, participating in some regional and national level races. He has dedicated himself full time to the dirt road, he has a big project in mind a Faience, but in the life of any rider, injuries are always around the corner. In the last few hours, the former MotoGP standard bearer has suffered an injury to his right wrist which has forced him to enter the operating room.

Andrea Dovizioso’s story

The three-time MotoGP vice world champion broke his right wrist yesterday on the motocross track in the Marche region “Guido Catini“, in the province of Fermo. The 37-year-old from Forlì himself gave the news on his Facebook page and the surgery was resolved without too many problems. “It has become fashionable for motocross racers to show their fractures“, wrote Andrea Dovizioso. “Since I now feel a bit like a motocross racer, I am following this trend“.

He experienced a moment of tension after the accident, fearing he had suffered more serious consequences. He underwent surgeryMurri hospital in Fermofrom the expert hands of Professor Federico Lamponi: “For a few hours after the crash I was worried, but that’s part of the game. It is important that I am well again and have not sustained any permanent damage… All involved operated quickly and amicably and consulted with doctors who know my bones well“.

Finally, Dovi addressed a special thought to his colleagues at motocross who were close to him in those moments of panic after the motorcycle accident. “I thank all the employees of the Crossodomo Catini in Ponzano di Fermo who helped me after the fall. I also don’t want to forget the two people who are always by my side: Fabrizio Borra, who now takes care of my worries and has become my guardian angel. And also Yuri, a friend who once again gave me great support“. It will certainly not be this episode that extinguishes the pilot’s passion: in a month he will be back on track to realize the dreams set for 2023.

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