Car keys, inside is a secret button – you will always use it

The car keys allow you to open and close the car when needed, they must always be used, in order not to run the risk of someone unauthorized getting into the car and taking everything they want.

car remote control secret button
Car keys, inside there is a secret button –

Especially in these times you have to be careful when you park the car to lock it carefully with the keys, because thieves right now are waiting for nothing but a misstep of the owners to act in peace and take away the car or what interests you most in a few minutes and without attracting attention.

However, it can happen that for whatever reason the keys stop working. In this case the common reaction is as follows: you panic because you don’t know what to do, how to behave and how to solve the problem.

Car keys, what to do if they don’t work

Generally when you realize that you have gone out with your car keys that don’t work, you immediately think you have to resort to the expensive intervention of a professional or having to force the vehicle causing considerable damage.

Yet we must bear in mind that similar situations occur on a daily basis and that the car companies know it, so that suitable solutions have been evaluated that allow the problem to be solved without turning it into a tragedy.

It can happen to anyone and at any time, there is nothing serious but obviously it is not a problem to be underestimated. If it doesn’t happen it’s better, but if it does, the solution exists and is at hand.

spare key
spare key –

The alternative solution to damaging the car to access it

New cars have electronic opening keys, certainly beautiful and innovative but not very convenient because if they run out of battery or get wet or damaged, notwithstanding always having them with you they can cause important problems and consequences.

That is why in such cases it is better to have it with you a second spare key which works the same way and which should always be carried with you. In general, these are traditional keys that never fail and always work, just insert them in the keyhole and the problem is solved.

There are those who have both electronic car keys and think they do not have a physical key. Actually just look at the electronic key to find the solution, at your fingertips. The key is inside the electronic one.

Just press the button and there it is. Sometimes the patch is visible, other times it is hidden under the handle, and still other times there is a small plate covering it. Maybe it’s hardly noticeable at first glance in these situations, just a little more attention and that’s it.

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