Fine on the windshield, don’t trust them: they’re scamming everyone

Some unusual episodes have been reported by several citizens in a well-known Italian location. Some thieves have studied an ingenious plan to defraud motorists and the coffers of their municipality of residence. But what exactly happened? Here are all the details about this illegal plan put in place.

Fines scam
Fines scam –

You never get used to strange news, but what has been reported in the last few hours truly surpasses any fantasy. Indeed, a gang of thieves has studied a plan to fine unsuspecting motorists with fake IBANs. But where did these episodes take place?

Suffering a traffic fine for a slight infraction committed will have happened to everyone at least once in their life. But being fined not by the people in charge of this task is something really unusual. News we had never heard before.

Car fines scam
The new fines scam – Motori.News

Yet all this really happened in an important city in our country. Which city are we referring to? What exactly happened? Here are all the details on the diabolical plan implemented by some thieves with a lot of imagination.

Car fines, here is the incredible scam of the last period

Incredible scam carried out by some criminals in Naples in the last period. In fact, the presence of has been reported in various areas of the city false fines placed on the cars of various citizens. But what exactly happened?

Fines scam Naples - Motori.News
The fake fines in Naples: this is what happened – Motori.News

In the last few hours, the local police of the Campania capital have denounced an incredible – and in some ways brilliant – he cons carried out by the criminals. It refers to car fines placed on the windshield of several cars, but with a IBAN not referring to the Municipality of Naples.

A scam studied in detail, since all the other elements – dispute, violation, terms and amount due to the sanction – were correct. Any motorist, therefore, could have run into this scam.

All the false fines referred to the violation of article 158 of the Highway Code, namely the one concerning the parking and stopping of vehicles. A carefully studied scam, with the presence, therefore, of low figures. A way not to arouse suspicion in people.

They’re doing it right now searches to discover the identity of the people who carried out this scam plan to the detriment of motorists and the Municipality of Naples. Being fined by thieves with forged reports highlights the singularity of these episodes.

Some citizens went to the municipal police offices to contest the sanction and here the people in charge of the control did the bitter discovery.

The details of the professionals

These are the words of Bruno Capuano, commander of the Operational Unit on internal controls of the local police, on these unpleasant episodes that recently took place in Naples: “The amount requested highlights the cunning of these scammers, because asking for a higher amount would probably have led the victims not to pay and to consider an appeal. In this way, instead, perhaps to get rid of their worries, people could pay the fine”.

Finally, it is necessary to specify the municipality of Naplesi regarding the correct IBAN code for the payment of traffic fines: “Remember in this regard that the only IBAN of the Municipality of Naples to be used in case of payment of contravention of the Highway Code is the following: IBAN COMUNE DI NAPOLI – IT03W0760103400001033919109. Motorists are called to pay the utmost attention to avoid incurring scams, while investigative activities aimed at identifying those responsible are underway”.

Fine for false parking - Motori.News
The scam of false parking fines – Motori.News

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