if they stop you, you risk the penalty

As absurd as it may seem, even if the car is private property, some prohibited objects cannot be carried on board, because the highway code must always be respected.

Policemen fine policemen
Policemen fine policemen – motori.news

Even if we are used to leaving any object in the car, we should pay attention to some of them in particular which at first glance may seem harmless but which if used in some specific ways they can become weapons.

If some object prohibited by law should be present in the car without a specific reason, that can cause big trouble following checks by the police.

Objects prohibited in the car, here’s what they are and why

In Ivrea in the province of Turin, something absurd happened, which could make inattentive motorists think, who usually do not respect the law and who, faced with an infraction they respond with a laugh or a smile.

The law must always be taken seriously. In particular when it says the highway code must be followed in all respects, that’s how it should be done. Some prohibited items should not be transported by car without a reason, precisely because they are illegal.

These are improper weapons, which can also be used to cause injury and damage to people or things. Among these objects that cannot be transported in the car we find bolts, sledgehammers, blunt instruments, chains, metal balls, bars, edged weapons such as kitchen knives, or hatchets.

The case of Ivrea has been entrusted to the judges. The judges establish the penalty or the sanction also on the basis of the dimensions of the object in question, the potential danger of the same, the possibility of being used to offend or to damage a person.

prohibited objects-Motori.news

Here’s what happened to a 66-year-old man

Going into the details of the case, An object was found inside the trunk of a 66-year-old man that any of us could have forgotten or taken with us in good faith but which is unfortunately forbidden.

The 66-year-old had a fork in his carthe man justified the presence of the fork by stating that after the family barbecue he forgot to get it out of the car.

In short, nothing strange, something that can happen to anyone or has already happened at least once in a lifetime for each of us.

Unfortunately, however, the agents had to report him and fine him because the fork is a weapon in all respects. THEThe prosecutor who assessed the case asked for a six-month sentence for carrying dangerous objects.

In the end, a fine was imposed on him so as not to dirty his criminal record and that’s it. The law is clear, because all objects that have a point and that can also be used for cutting are prohibited.

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