Car tax, if you go to these regions you don’t pay €1: everyone is trying

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An Italian region exempts these vehicles from paying the road tax: here’s what they are and why this difference applies.

tax exemption
exemption from paying the stamp duty –

The car tax it is perhaps the tax most hated by Italians, on a par with the Rai fee. It is in fact a tax applied directly to the possession of a car that must be paid in any situation: yes, even if you haven’t used the car for some time or even for years.

A tax which, in theory, should serve to “punish” the most polluting vehicles but which at times seems to be put there just because if it can be taken from somewhere, there is always a good reason to do so.

Fortunately, today there are many ways to get back among those who are exempt from paying the stamp duty: the possession of a historic car, for example, which is obviously not used to get around. Alternatively, a much more important and contemporary aspect, to have one low emission machine. This is precisely the case with today’s story that concerns the Liguria Region.

The Liguria Region excludes these cars from paying the road tax: here are which ones

Reconnecting to the speech we made at the end of the first paragraph, the Liguria Region has the exemption from paying the stamp duty has been renewed for 2023 for vehicles with low emissions, if not zero.

Electric car being recharged
Electric car being recharged –

The Stabilià bill was presented by Toti, president and councilor for the budget of the Region, who declared: “This is a decision that continues the eco-sustainability policies already adopted in previous years, which aim to encourage the renewal of vehicles at a regional level and continue in the direction of ever greater environmental protection“.

Going into detail, therefore, the following vehicles registered in 2023 they will not have to pay the car tax:

  • Gasoline/electric hybrid cars
  • Hybrid petrol/hydrogen cars
  • Diesel/electric hybrid cars
  • Petrol/LPG hybrid cars
  • Petrol/methane hybrid cars
  • Diesel/LPG hybrid cars
  • Diesel/methane hybrid cars
  • LPG car
  • CNG cars
  • Electric tricycles
  • Electric quadricycles
  • LNG powered trucks

The exemption is valid for three years and will therefore encourage the purchase of low-emission cars by citizens, who will be further encouraged in this direction by the numerous state incentives which allow them to receive very important bonuses.

Hybrid car
Hybrid car –

This is a first draft which will be followed by important amendments. In the coming days, the Giunta will amend the document with further financial and regulatory simplification measures. The 2022 data confirm the consolidation of GDP growth in Liguria, with + 3.5% on an annual basis, up compared to the estimate of last April, which envisaged an increase of 2.2% on an annual basis“, finally added the president Toti.

The exemption from payment of the stamp in case of possession of a low-emission car it is actually valid for all of Italy, but the good news from Liguria gives hope that the other Regions will also line up for a renewal of the incentive.