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The Highway Code regulates the circulation of cars, pedestrians and any other non-motorised vehicle. All the rules present are to be respected on the street. In particular, if you don’t respect this rule that we describe today, you risk a lot. So being smart puts you at serious risk. But what are we talking about? Here are all the details concerning this rule which should NEVER be transgressed.

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Respect the rules on the street it is essential. In fact, doing so puts you and all the other users on the road in total safety, both on other motorized vehicles and on foot. Furthermore, it allows you to avoid paying fines, in some cases even very heavy ones. Among the many rules imposed by Traffic Lawsthere is one in particular that you must always respect if you don’t want to run into very big problems.

The rules of the Highway Code to be respected refer to speed limits, the areas where parking is allowed or not, one-way streets and many other fundamental aspects for a ‘live’ the road properly.

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Highway Code, be careful NEVER to make this move – Motori.News

But did you know that if you break a particular rule expressed by the Highway Code you will face a possible serious fine? What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about a spec move to NEVER do on board your vehicle.

Highway Code: here is the mistake not to be made absolutely

The rule of the Highway Code that must always be respected refers to not stopping after a request made by the carabinieri or the police for a checkpoint. If you don’t stop, you risk suffering a very heavy fine and not guaranteeing road safety. There are many motorists who are almost afraid of these very normal checks. Not stopping after the agents report is a very serious move.

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What do you risk if you don’t stop at a checkpoint? Here’s all you need to know – Motori.News

Something absolutely contrary to the rules of the Highway Code. These checks are implemented by law enforcement agencies to ensure road safety. The agents check that the driving user has all the requirements to drive the vehicle at that particular moment. We are referring not only to the normal documents – licence, booklet and valid insurance – but also to all the psychophysical requirements.

Driving in an altered state, in fact, jeopardizes all the other users present at that exact moment on the road you are travelling. THE police checks they are more and more numerous in the last period.

But what if you don’t stop for a regular checkup after reporting by law enforcement? The risk is to run into one fine ranging from 84 to 335 euros. Also, you can meet the deduction of three points from the license driving. This is what is written in the Highway Code atarticle 192.

But it must be said that what we have just stated refers to a simple street check by the forces of order. However, if there is a police checkpoint on both carriageways – with the presence of the writing ALT-Polizia – things change. Forcing this checkpoint causes you to encounter a very heavy penalty.

In fact, it can even be understood between 1324 and 5302 euros. Also, they might get to be well 10 points removed from the driving licence. In addition to the fine, forcing a checkpoint seriously jeopardizes the safety of several people on the street. Think a thousand times before opting for this absolutely wrong move.

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