What is this strip of dots on the mirrors for? It’s not like you’re thinking

There is a vertical black stripe of dots on the mirror, which everyone has noticed at least once in their life but which no one has ever wondered what it is for.

streak of dots on the mirror
Strip of dots on the mirrors – motori.news

That streak of dots has a hidden function that a great utility while driving the car, that’s why it’s good to be informed.

We all know that the mirrors are mandatory, for this reason they should always be used when driving any vehicle.

They should be used to keep the road under control at 360°, including blind spots behind which any nasty surprise can be hidden. Especially when you have to maneuver, you must never lose sight of either the vehicle or the road.

Driving safely is essential, you risk huge fines

Driving safely means taking care of your own life and the lives of others as well as the surrounding environment. As strange as it may seem there are different types. We see them all the same but that’s not the case at all.

All vehicles are made up of external side mirrors which are two, and then there is an internal one. Both one and the other, are adjustable as needed and equipped with a reflective mirror. They are used to anticipate dangers by having a clear and direct vision of the situation.

streak of dots – Motors.news

Many types of mirrors, one more functional than the other

Among the most particular mirrors, there are heated ones which limit fogging, prevent the appearance of fog and frost, in this way you have impeccable visibility, always.

It’s a detail that makes the difference because in winter, at least once in their life, everyone got into a car in a hurry and found the ugly and bitter surprise of the mirrors and windshield fogged up.

Just that while the windshield is quickly blown up by the hot air, the mirrors stay like this. Driving in these conditions certainly doesn’t help.

Then there are the electrically adjustable mirrors. just press a button located near the side windows to the driver’s side and that’s it. In this way you avoid dirtying or damaging them.

In more recent cars, however, there are mirrors with blind spot indicators that allow the driver to recognize the obstacle and avoid collisions.

And here we come to the point, reference is made to spherical mirrors that have a vertical strip of dots. What are these dots for? Unlike other mirrorsthese are curved outwards, albeit slightly, and there is a black band that delimits the curved and flat part of the same.

Thanks to this detail who is driving has a more comfortable view of the road. With the curved view, you can keep an eye on the rear of the car.

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