Desperate motorists, €50,000 fine: this act is to blame

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Motorists who roam the streets must be careful of any behavior, because even the most trivial mistake can cost you dearly and cause the arrival of a substantial fine, out of nowhere.

Fine of almost 50,000 euros
Fine of almost 50,000 euros – Motori.News

This sometimes happens simply because when you start driving you are careless, inattentive or superficial and careless.

Driving a vehicle, whatever it is, it means taking responsibility and being aware that you have to comply as an obligationthe rules established by the highway code.

The innovations introduced in the highway code from November 2014

The law does not admit ignorance, so the first thing to do before committing to driving is to find out about the news of the highway code. The second is to respect them.

The highway code from November 2014 introduced some further loopholes and restrictions with the aim of increasing road safety and obviously the quality of traffic.

This is because, noOver the years, infringements have increased. Few respect the stop sign, speed limits, parking bans, right of way at intersections. All these violations can cause even serious accidents and therefore put motorists and others at risk.

Of course, there is also the risk of hefty fines both due to speed cameras and checkpoints located throughout the Italian territory. Among other things, these checks have tripled over time, it’s hard to escape, flaws and shortcomings come out on the agenda.

When you risk a huge fine and for what

For the occasion, it should be remembered that even the smallest fault is punishable, despite the fact that it may seem trivial at first glance. The mistake we all always make, for example, it is circular without documents.

All documents are essential when you choose to drive, so you must always carry them with you. Going out without identification documents or without car documents it means running the risk of getting rather steep fines.

If you forget your driving license at home, for example, you will receive a fine of 39 euros. If you pay within 5 days this costs 30% lesswhile if it is paid after 60 days it costs triple.

If you get caught driving with an expired license you get a fine ranging from €155 to €624. On the other hand, if the license is not suitable for the vehicle being driven, so if you drive a truck with a B license, you risk a fine ranging from 1,000 to €4,000 with the suspension of the same for up to 8 months.

In the end, if you drive without a licencetherefore without ever having achieved it, you receive a fine ranging from €9,000 to €50,000 in the event of a repeat offense.