Suzuki, the reasons for the sad farewell to MotoGP. What if it was a big mistake?

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We won’t find Suzuki again in MotoGP in 2023. A choice announced suddenly and which still appears incomprehensible.

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Let’s go back to last April, when an earthquake shook the paddock MotoGP. The tests at Jerez had just concluded, when in the garage Suzuki comes the news that freezes all enthusiasm. The top management of the factory in Japan have decided to to close the project in the World Championship at the end of 2022. News that spread quickly, even Sleep was totally unaware of it, and serves almost a month before the official statement to say that yes, it was all true. The blow among the Suzuki guys it was felt, just look at the route change from that moment… A farewell that still appears incomprehensible.

Suzuki, the reasons for the farewell

In the official press release there was talk of changes inside the factory. Better said, defunding a project for invest in different sectors of the company. Confirmation has come these days from the words of Nobuo Fujiimarketing manager, who pointed the finger at needs of the current market of the engines. “We reinvest in carbon neutrality” he told “Suzuki is looking at various options.” But not only. “In this period we have assimilated new technologies to use over the years.” However, there is no mention of any possibility of reviewing the brand soon Suzuki in MotoGP. And also closes the official website of racing department! The hope is that all the hardships of Michio Suzuki from 1952 onwards…

But is it the right move?

Racing is there shop window for all brands, which conquer their fans there. At the market level then, production and sales are in clear growth. And there is one country in particular ‘responsible’ for this positive sign in Suzuki: India, where the World Championship will go for the first time in 2023! It already looks like a glutton missed opportunity for the Hamamatsu house, which really didn’t give up on anything. Nor ad Alex Rins, two victories in the last three GPs, that he would have wanted his bike as a souvenir. That GSX-RR that will come instead destroyed along with many others (not all) to avoid paying import taxes. Nor to Shinichi Sahara, who had lost his customary composure pleading with the Suzuki bosses. That brand will not be at the start in MotoGP in 2023, either big loss for the entire premier class of the World Championship. With the ever sincere wish that there is a afterthought for the future.