run and call the Carabinieri right away

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For some time there has been a new method used by gangs of thieves to steal your car. One of these, in fact, provides for the presence of a glass or a plastic bottle in a particular and precise point of the car. What should you do if you notice something strange? Here we explain everything in detail. The most sensible move would be to stay alert and immediately inform the police of the fact.

Glass on the car
Glass on the car –

They show no signs of decreasing car theft in our country. In the last year, in fact, they have registered over 104 thousand thefts of four-wheeled vehicles in Italy. Very high numbers, which objectively demonstrate the reality of this serious problem that grips us all. But were you aware of the new method used by criminals? Here are the details on this aspect.

Every day we learn of new strategies used by thieves to put their illegal actions into practice. From pretending to help the driver after flat tires to mirror scams, there are so many methods that scare motorists every day.

But Do you know that there is a new method used by thieves to steal cars? In fact, several cases have already been reported to the competent authorities. Below, we will tell you well what strategy they use and how to defend yourself in case you should notice the presence of strange objects, such as an empty glass or water bottle, on your car.

Glass or bottle on the car? Here’s what you need to do to NEVER take any risks

Our advice is to always be on your guard, especially in certain places. We are referring to large public car parks or underground garages, especially in the evening and at night. Indeed, thieves know the exact place and moment to ‘strike’ with greater peace of mind and safety.

Car theft bottle -
The plastic bottle used by criminals to steal the car: this is how they act – Motori.News

A glass or a plastic bottle is the simple expedient used by thieves to try to steal several cars. This is the novelty that emerges after various reports to the carabinieri. If you notice the presence of this object on your car, all you have to do is make yourself safe and call the competent authorities. But what strategy do criminals use towards people unaware of this method?

Practically, the bottle or glass is placed under the fender on the passenger side. In fact, they do not choose the driver’s side, precisely to ensure that this object is not noticed when getting into the car. What happens then? The unsuspecting motorist starts up, but after a few meters he is shaken by the noise generated by the presence of the bottle in contact with the wheel.

At this point, he will come down to check the problem leaving the door and key inserted. The thief – positioned nearby – will, therefore, catch the ball for sneak into the car and degas as far as possible.

Carabinieri - Motori.News
Call the police if you notice a strange presence – Motori.News

How to defend yourself? The first thing to do is to remove the keys from the ignition and always close the door. Every time you get out of the car this is the right move to NEVER have any kind of problem in similar situations.

After noticing the presence of the object, in order not to run any risk, you can alert the police and put you in complete safety. So beware of scams carried out by criminals.