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Once you’ve turned 50, the process of renewing your license can get very complicated. Here’s what happens.

Driving license –

The license renewal it is a formality that sooner or later we have to complete. Once we get our driving license at the age of 18 or, in some cases, when the time is simply right, we know we have 10 years before renewing.

It may seem obvious and trivial, also because the expiry date is shown on the license itself, but forget to do the renewal it is one of the most common traps that many motorists stumble upon.

And it’s not a trifle: driving with an expired license means infringing thearticle 126 of the Highway Codeparagraph 11, which forces us to pay even a double penalty.

The first is pecuniary and consists in the payment of a fine which can start from 155 and reach up to 624 euros. The amount is established according to various criteria decided by the competent authorities: for example, how long our document has expired. The second is the more obvious ancillary punishment: the revocation of the expired license.

Expired license
Expired license –

Said this, if you are 50 years old you have to be careful because things change and the procedure within which to renew the license is shorter than the times you were used to: you will no longer have to wait 10 years, but half the time. If you forget it, you risk driving with an expired license.

Driving license after the age of 50: rules for renewal and what you risk

We have said that the A and B licenses that can be obtained from the age of eighteen must be renewed every 10 years. When you turn 50, this time is reduced up to 5 years.

Times are further shortened when you pass the age of 70, for which it is necessary to wait 3 years to proceed with the renewal of the licence. Finally, those over 80 and still able to drive will have to renew it every 2 years.

We remember that the license can be renewed in every Italian city where you are and you do not need to return to your place of residence. All you have to do is book a medical visit with an authorized certifying doctor who, after a positive outcome, will electronically notify the Motorization of your fitness to drive.

Visit license renewal
Visit license renewal –

At that point you will receive a replacement document of the expired license which will allow you to circulate throughout the Italian territory but not abroad. For this reason, in order to avoid having to settle for a simple document, it is advisable to proceed with the renewal in advance: you can do it within 4 months preceding the actual expiry of the licence.

So, if you’ve turned 50, remember well: the terms for renewal are halved, going from 10 to 5 years. Remember this the next time you think about it, you will avoid driving with an expired licence.