High beams, turn them on for 10 seconds before setting off – you save a lot of money

With the arrival of winter, starting the car can be difficult: however, high beams can help us save money.

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High beams – Motori.news

We have now reached thresholds of winter. This means that if we don’t have a garage and we have a car that isn’t exactly of the latest generation, sooner or later we will have to deal with the age-old problem of night frosts.

Especially if we live in the North or in mountainous areas, we know very well that sooner or later we will have to face this question. Frozen windows to defrost, easy fogging, literally frozen car interior and so on.

With the latest generation of modern cars the engine heating problem does not exist: in the sense that recently produced engines are equipped with technologies capable of understanding how much fuel to suck in to ensure correct heating of all components, without wasting diesel or petrol.

The speech may not apply as said for the older cars: Maybe you bought a second hand car with good mileage but the engine can suffer from standing outside during the coldest nights. For this reason, it is advisable not to “tear” the car immediately with strong accelerations, but to maintain a low and regular pace that allows the vehicle to warm up regularly.

And then you can add this new practice before starting the engine and which concerns an unsuspected ally: the dazzling headlights.

Why turn on the high beam before starting the car in winter

The high beams, as we know, were born to give the driver the possibility of having a more powerful light beam during the night hours and in the darkest streets. You will also know that it is forbidden to use them when crossing other vehicles since their deep and perpendicular beam would hinder the vision of the relevant drivers.

Driver annoyed by car high beams
Driver annoyed by car high beams – Motori.news

In addition to their conventional function, however, the high beam headlights can also become useful for overcoming the problem of car heating. How? After turning the key or, in the case of more modern cars, pressing the starter button, we turn on the high beams for about ten seconds before even starting the engine.

Thanks to this little-known practice, we give the machine the possibility of activating the current throughout the starting system even before giving the final ignition to the engine.

Car high beam switch
Car high beam switch – Motori.news

It is a very useful solution especially in those situations where the car is left parked outside during the winter season with very rigid temperatures such as to prevent the starting system from immediately reaching the right voltage it needs.

L’early switching on of the high beams It then allows us not to stress the battery, minimizing the risk of damaging it, and therefore to be able to start the car, sure that we are doing it in the best possible way. Naturally remember to turn off the high beams before moving and not to overdo the acceleration at least for the first kilometers you travel.

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