Have you ever noticed the red dot on the rear view mirrors? Its function is amazing

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Rear-view mirrors are a fundamental aid for all motorists in the world, in reality they must be used compulsorily because the highway code says so, but in general no motorist could do without them.

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Have you ever noticed the red dot on the rear view mirrors? – motors.news

Regardless of the highway code, in fact everyone uses it to keep under control both your vehicle while maneuvering and all the others, to avoid possible accidents.

To reflect the clear and sharp image it is important that they are always clean, as must necessarily be the windshield.

Modern rear view mirrors, that’s what the new feature is

In today’s cars, mirrors are no longer the classics, those of the past are technological, therefore equipped with advanced technology that make driving even simpler and safer.

The panoramic models also promote excellent outward visibility in all conditionsalso alerting the motorist in some particular moments. For example, it can happen that while driving you get distracted for one reason or another.

If you don’t pay attention to the cars behind you ready to overtake, perhaps on a stretch of road that doesn’t allow it or while you are slightly further towards the line that separates the lanes, you risk getting into accidents.

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How the rear view mirror light works

In these cases, rear-view mirrors that have a red or amber flashing light come in handy. Indeed, this light informs the driver of the proximity of another car or of an obstacle, above all when blind spots are formed ready to betray at any moment.

This function is called the driver assistance function, Blind e it comes in handy both when you are on a multi-lane motorway, because it warns of the presence of a vehicle about to overtake, both when maneuvering to park and approaching the car parked behind.

From this it can be deduced that the rear-view mirror warning light not only works while reverse gear is activated or when you are in a tight bend, but also in any other condition to detect trucks, buses or any other vehicle nearby to avoid severe and less severe collisions.

The system is very clear and unambiguous, it has been facilitated to help all motorists, of all ages, the youngest and the oldest. Those who have tried it once will never be able to do without it.