Why do some women put bowls full of coffee in their cars?

In Italy, coffee is the ingredient that cannot be missing to start the day. It is never lacking in the house, indeed it is always present in enormous quantities.

coffee in the car
Why is everyone starting to put coffee powder in cars? – motors.news

Coffee can come in handy on several occasions and situations. It is not only good, it is perfect to be offered to guests, drunk in the morning for breakfast, after lunch and after dinner or in the afternoon for a snack but it is also decisive.

As strange as it may seem, it can even be used in the car because it is able to solve problems that no one could ever expect.

How to keep the car always clean and perfumed

Cleaning the passenger compartment and always keeping it fresh and fragrant is really difficult, but not impossible. You don’t necessarily need to turn to cleaning professionals to try to do it.

Consequentially no need to take the car to the wash once a week or buy perfumers that cost a lot, the situation can be solved simply with a product that we all have at home, in the cupboard.

We are talking about coffee, which is able to purify the air both in the house, and inside the passenger compartment, with minimal expense. In fact, coffee is the right solution, simple, cheap and within everyone’s reach.

Coffee: in grounds they are useful for our car
coffee – motors.news

Coffee is one of the miraculous products that anyone has always available, here’s how to use it

Coffee has many properties, it restores energy to those who don’t have any and neutralizes odors effectively and quickly. That’s why keeping a jar or a cup full of coffee in the car or in a room of the house can help eliminate unpleasant odors such as the stench of smoke or simply the stench of damp.

If you don’t have coffee at home because you don’t consume any, just go to the supermarket and buy the cheapest one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of excellent quality, because you don’t have to go and judge the taste but use only to neutralize odours. So any one is just fine.

If you want to refresh the air inside the car, you can simply use freshly ground beans, which work much better and give great satisfaction to the sense of smell for several days.

So it is advisable to pour a little coffee into a cotton or linen bag and keep it in the gloveboxthe result will be a refreshing and intense fragrance that will spread throughout the car for several days.

If you put in a plastic cup, or scattered in the nooks and crannies of the medium, the product it goes to refresh and absorb moisture for a much longer period of time.

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