Bugatti Of Safes Is As Exclusive As Hypercars

And now for something completely different – ​​check out the Bugatti safe. We honestly never thought the day would come when we talked about securely lockable boxes also known as chests or safes. Oddly enough, we seem to have missed the memo as this is not the first time the Molsheim brand has worked with Buben&Zorweg. In 2020, the safe Grande Illusion Chiron was released with design cues derived from the 304 mph Chiron Super Sport 300+.

For the new 2023 Hyper Safe Collection, Bugatti took inspiration from the Type 57 Atlantic for the shark tail stripe on the top of the safe. The familiar “C” motif evoked through opulent lighting is also present. As shown in the adjacent official image, the safe is available in one of three different designs: Hyper Light, Hyper Dark and Hyper Track.

The Hyper Track appears to “represent Bugatti DNA in its purest form” and uses carbon fiber in a black finish, paired with Nappa leather in Pace Blue as a nod to the company’s traditional French Racing Blue. Bugatti and Buben&Zorweg limit the Hyper Safe Collection to 25 safes per design.

The duo worked together for over 18 months to complete the project, which includes stainless steel elements topped with a Lightweight Arch Protection Coating that has been applied to increase durability and prevent scratches. The handle requires over 3,000 milling steps while both sides of the safe have controllable ambient lighting.

The 2020 safes we mentioned earlier are arguably the more stylish of the two. The Grande Illusion Chiron weighs 215 kilograms (478 pounds) and is topped with a Flying Minute Tourbillon watch. It opens upwards and is accessed via a biometric fingerprint or transponder chip. It even has a special drawer that protects it from radio waves so hackers won’t copy the keys stored inside to steal your prized hypercar.

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