Rivian’s In-Car Hairdryer Idea Gives You Farah Fawcett Look On The Go


Rivian has a patent on a strange, but potentially useful idea for a hairdryer to be installed in a vehicle’s HVAC system. For people who frequently surf, canoe, or do other activities on the water, this can be a very useful feature.

According to the patent, the flexible tube with the coupler will attach to the interior HVAC vents or special openings on the exterior of the vehicle. Once in place, the vehicle will know to direct all system airflow only through this hairdryer, according to one example.

The air coming out of this hairdryer doesn’t have to be hot. The patent mentions using cold air as well. Although, the docs don’t mention how one would change the temperature.

Rivian notes that the HVAC system in EVs is more powerful than in vehicles using internal combustion engines. It also mentions the possibility of inserting a blower in the coupler which will provide additional acceleration to the air escaping the tube.

Rivian hair dryer also has a timer function. That will allow the user to turn on the system and then leave. You can go have lunch while your swimsuit is dry.

Rivian filed for this patent on June 30, 2020, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued it on December 30, 2021. As with all of these registrations, there is no guarantee that the company will introduce this technology to vehicles.

However, this solution seems relatively simple to implement. Plus, it matches Rivian’s vehicle’s outdoor marketing with features like sliding kitchen.

Also on December 30, the USPTO issued Rivian’s patent for the multi-function tailgate feature. The ideas include moving steps, telescopic parts, and a modular stand for holding things like bicycles.


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