find out his name and where he lives

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If you know someone’s license plate, you can trace their name and even their residential address. Here’s how.

Car license plate
Car plate –

There car license platealso known as registration plate, is associated with each vehicle and allows you to trace various interesting information, such as the identity of the owner, the model of the car, the expiry of the insurance, the calculation and expiry of the car tax and much more .

In the specific case that we want to deal with in this article, we are referring exclusively to how to use the license plate number for trace back to the owner of the vehicle and possibly trace it: a useful eventuality in many cases, for example to resolve a dispute relating to a road accident.

How to trace the car model by checking the license plate

Once we know the details of the license plate we want to find out all the information about, we can go to one ACI desk, pay a sum equal to 6 euros, to request a search. A similar thing can also be done via the ICA websiteto which 2.31 euros must be added to the previous 6.

Italian registration
Italian license plate –

Alternatively, we can exploit Sevim, an alternative website that allows you to obtain the technical data of the vehicle on which the plate of interest is mounted. Here we can discover data such as engine capacity, engine Euro class, weight, car seats and a whole series of very interesting technical characteristics.

How to track the car owner by license plate

Going instead more specifically of the objectives that we have set ourselves with this article, for know the details of the car owner however, a similar procedure must be followed.

Information of this type can be useful to us on various occasions, perhaps for buying a second hand car or, as mentioned, to resolve disputes related to an accident.

To know the owner’s data we need to request a search at the PRA, the Public Automobile Registry, by going to an ACI office. The same thing can happen online, again via the ACI website.

In the latter case, a total cost of almost 9 euros must be disbursed to be paid through the system Public administration: we will still receive the information we need in PDF format directly via email.

Foreign license plates
Foreign number plates –

Given that this operation is very useful both in the case of buying a second-hand car and to make sure that the person with whom we had an accident was not driving a stolen car unless it was uninsured or with an expired road tax, it is a good idea tomake note of other details as well.

The colour, the car and the specific model of the car can be very useful for tracing the person, hoping that this will be conciliatory in an attempt to resolve the dispute: also because, remember, from the car’s license plate we can trace the actual owner of the vehicle , which may not correspond to whoever was driving the car at the time.