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Smart #1 is about to hit our streets. Its new identity has finally been revealed, it is once again a phenomenal car, attentive to everyone’s needs and sustainable mobility, totally respectful of the environment.

New smart #1
New smart #1- Engines.news

The smart #1 is about to debut on the market, it is perfectly integrated into any habitat, so it is suitable for both Rome and Milan, for the motorway, for the city or for a weekend in the open countryside.

This was the first brand a convert to electronic onlyin 2019. Today, after many steps forward and various updates, it offers a completely new, advanced driving experience.

The unique features of the new Smart #1

The new Smart #1 was designed to connect and empower users to drive in an authentic and engaging way. Passengers and drivers alike can enjoy astonishing integration of hardware and software.

The vehicles are slowly transforming, Smart #1 is the first car that has thrown itself headlong into an innovative projectfor a homogeneous, pleasant and efficient 360° experience.

The car has a 360° camera and many driver assistance systems, such as voice assistance, electronic LED lights, System Beats audio, CyberSparks headlights + Matrix LEDs and parking assistance.

Then it benefits from all-wheel drive with the possibility of customizing some distinctive features of the brand. The driving experience is placed at the center because, as always, what is fundamental is making users satisfied.

smart #1-Engines.news

Various arrangements, one more beautiful and precious than the other

The new Smart is available with various trim levels, all capable of responding to any lifestyle and customer needs. At the moment Smart #1 is available in three lines, Brabus Pro+ and Premium.

A new chapter is being written with Brabus, which provides users with high performance and an important turn towards sportiness. The driving experience in all three lines is exciting and unleashes the potential of an incredible car.

The level of business also changes, with an all-digital approach this time, new, with ALD financial services. As for the Pro+ version the cost is around €40,000. While for the Premium version the cost is around €44,000.

Cars are available in pre-order starting October 18th. Those who want to order the new Smart can do so at the nearest local agent, choosing from various exclusivity options. The choice must be made between refinement, comfort and performancethe. Once again Smart has no rivals.