Why do so many have a plunger in their car? It saves your life

This tool can have an unusual use compared to the area we are used to. In fact, not everyone knows that the plunger can also be useful for your car. Here’s everything you need to know about it. You will certainly be amazed and you will no longer be able to give up this tool for one aspect in particular.

Car plunger
Car plunger – Motori.news

The plunger, as we well know, is a mechanical tool used to remove blockages in the pipes of sinks, toilets and bidets. But perhaps not everyone is aware of another particularly important function of this tool. Which? Here’s what it can do in your car.

Carrying a plunger with you in the car might seem like a completely unusual move. In reality, however, this is not the case. Indeed, this tool will prove to be really very useful and practical to use in certain circumstances. If you want to solve a particular aspect of your car, you can use the plunger without spending a euro in the workshop.

It will therefore have a use that will ‘save’ your car and improve its external aesthetic appearance. How? Here’s everything you need to know about it. Its mysterious functionality will undoubtedly amaze you, we are sure.

The use of the plunger for your car: here is the bizarre but very useful move

The suction cup of the plunger can be very useful for improving the external appearance of your car. How? This tool – through a simple do-it-yourself operation – will allow you to save a lot of money and make you abandon your ‘desire’ to go to the body shop. Here we analyze in detail the usefulness of a plunger for your car.

Car dent - Motori.News
Car dent: the plunger will help you – Motori.News

Using the car on a daily basis exposes it to all the risks involved. Driving in heavy city traffic or parking in areas with a high concentration of cars, in fact, exposes our car to possible small ‘collides’. The classic ‘bottarella’ which is the cause of small dents to the bodywork. But did you know that the plunger can repair these small dents in a practical and economical way? That’s how.

This tool is really ideal for repairing small dents on the bodywork. Even hail, for example, can cause damage to the bodywork. But this plunger will allow you to make your car like new again, avoiding that you can spend several hundred euros in the workshop.

It will be necessary Wet the area of ​​the dented bodywork with plain water. This move will allow the tool to have a better grip on the area affected by the blow. Once the plunger has been placed on the dent and after having applied a slight pressure, it will be necessary to pull the tool towards you. This operation should allow the sheet metal to be repaired and the visible dent to be eliminated.

Plunger – Motors.News

Another economic tool useful for this purpose could be the so-called ‘car dent puller’. This tool can be purchased on Amazon or at other online stores for a few euros. The procedure for trying to remove the dent is the same as mentioned earlier.

Obviously, it’s an ideal DIY operation only on small dents and tiny scratches. In the event that the damage is greater, the plunger or the tool just mentioned cannot be of particular help. Therefore, you will not be able to do anything other than go to a trusted body shop and reach for your wallet.

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