Abe and Yamaha together again, the “back to the future” of a legendary duo

Enthusiasts remember that pilot-brand duo. The Abe and Yamaha names get back together worldwide, that’s how.

The Abes with Valentino Rossi – MotoriNews

Abe and Yamaha, do these two names mean anything to you? The answer is certainly yes for those who have experienced the MotoGP of the past, but also for the youngest enthusiasts. Say the full name of Norifumi Abe it helps even more. A driver who doesn’t boast titles or records, but his style was enough to succeed impress generations of bikers. Even a certain Valentino Rossior the much younger Keminth Kuboa kid making his debut in Moto2 in 2022. Now that stellar pairing of the past will live again again, in a different way.

The Legend of Norifumi Abe

The unfortunate “Norick“, this is his nickname, unfortunately disappeared in 2007. The incredible U-turn performed by a unconscious truck driver prevented any maneuver by the Japanese rider, riding a scooter, to avoid the collision. Norifumi Abe, 32 years old just a month earlier, died in a very serious car accident. A tragedy who had a profound effect on the motor world, who had a real admiration for this young man introvert but magical on the track. The results say little: three 500cc/MotoGP victories from 1994 to 2004, not even a podium in the 2005-2006 two-year period in Superbike. Except for just one race, a rider who has always remained tied to the brand Yamaha, with which a still living legend has been created. The “You smoke” used for a while by a very young man Valentino Rossi he was not born by chance. Keminth Kuboa Japanese-Thai boy this year in Moto2, his name is “Kubofumi” on his social profiles. The story of Norifumi Abe still continues to touch the young promises of two wheels.

Abe-Yamaha, back to the future

But a’inheritance it also flows through the blood. “Norick” has folded two sonsKeito and Maiki, both launched into the world of motorcycle racing. Keito is doing well in ST600 (the world Supersport 600) in the Japanese championship, Maiki instead he raced in the JSB 1000 category (the Superbike equivalent) in a team managed by his grandfather Mitsuo Abe (another ‘infected’ by engines, but on four wheels with respect to his son and grandchildren). Maiki then also showed up in Asia Road Racing and at the EWC 8 Hours of Suzuka. Do you know with which brand? Both young Abe always with Yamaha. But the binomial will recompose itself again also on a global level. Maiki Abe in fact, he will make his WorldSSP debut astride the Yamaha of Fabio Menghi’s VFT Racing team. A “back to the past“, with a view to the future.

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