Car windows, because they must always remain closed: they force you

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The Highway Code prohibits keeping the windows open in certain situations. Perhaps not everyone is aware of a rule which sometimes imposes not to lower the glass of the car. And did you know this? Here we explain everything to you in detail.

Car windows
Car windows –

Those who often travel by car know how much a window fully functional can ‘save your life’ in various circumstances. Indeed, on long journeys it is important to change the stale interior air often. Furthermore, depending on the season, the windows play a very important role in maintaining an acceptable internal temperature. But when will they always have to remain closed? Here’s everything you need to know.

In cars of yore the windows were rolled down and up through one manual knob. Today, however, that’s all electric and a key is enough to choose the best option in every situation. Both the driver and the passengers can operate the raising or lowering of the glass. The driver, however, can also choose to block everything and have complete management of the situation. This is especially important if there are children in the rear seats.

But do you know that it won’t always be possible to roll down the windows? There is a particular rule of the Highway Code that forbids you to make this move, considered by all to be absolutely normal. Here’s everything you need to know to avoid heavy fines and other problems.

Lowered car window: here is the move prohibited by the Highway Code

Everyone will have happened to leave one or more windows down once you get out of the car. Out of forgetfulness or out of precise will, it’s a move we’ve all made at least once in our lives. But do you know that it is not an action permitted by the Highway Code? Were you aware of this? Here we explain why this move is prohibited. You could face quite heavy penalties.

Car window down - Motori.News
Car window left down while parked: here’s what you risk – Motori.News

The Highway Code, in article 158 paragraph 4, expressly says: “During the stop and the stop the driver must take the appropriate precautions to avoid accidents and prevent the use of the vehicle without his consent”.

Everyone will have happened to leave the window slightly down, especially on hot summer days. But this is a forbidden move and a habit that we are all forced to change. In fact, as mentioned, you could face very heavy penalties. But why?

Leaving the window down could, in fact, entice thieves to steal the car. A sort of incitement to steal the car which might seem absolutely paradoxical to most motorists. But it’s not for the Traffic Laws, precisely because of the last words expressed by the standard: “Prevent the use of the vehicle without your consent”.

Car window - Motori.News
Car window – Motors.News

But what is the risk of leaving the window down when parked? In addition to the fine and the risk of being stolen, you may face another unpleasant eventuality. In fact, in the real case of an attacker stealing your car, the risk is that the insurance will not underwrite any compensation against the theft. In addition to the damage, therefore, also the insult.

How much is the fine? We go from a minimum of 42 euros to a maximum of 173 euros. The window must therefore be kept strictly raised during the stop. Even a slight lowering of the glass could lead the officers to give you a fine. And that goes for any car window, including the rear ones. We are sure that from today you will change this custom to appear ‘normal’.