Profanity in the car, you don’t know what happens now if you do it: what a finaccia

Maybe you didn’t know it, but profanity, swearing and insults in the car can be punishable by a fine. Here’s what you risk.

Swear words in the car
Profanity in the car – Motori.News

It happened again: we are in a hurry and want to go homeperhaps at the end of a long day of work or in any case a lot of time spent outside, it wasn’t an unforgettable day and we would just like to throw ourselves away and relax on the sofa.

So here’s what happens yet another unexpected event: we find ourselves stuck in traffic, perhaps due to an accident, perhaps due to simple congestion, the fact is that we have to postpone the appointment with our relaxation and we let ourselves go to an outlet.

It can be an inner outlet, many swear words and insults pronounced in our minds and which remain between us and us. It can be a whispered outburst, so as not to be heard by the cars in line next to ours. Otherwise, if we really can’t take it anymore, the outburst can become verbally violent, making us put even the patience of the neighbors to the test… who maybe could keep us company.

Be careful though because what may look like opening a simple valve can be frustration liable to a fine because the law strictly prohibits swearing, profanity and insults even if they are pronounced in the car. There are dozens of specific cases and now we will give you an example.

Swearing and swearing in your car can cost you a fine: here’s why

In one of the many amusing pieces of news (we don’t want victims) that we have fished on the net these days, the episode that happened to some unfortunate motorists who, queuing on the motorway, indulged in numerous curses and insults well heard by their neighbors.

Injuries in the car
Injuries in the car –

The problem is that the Polstrada agents also heard them who, perhaps in an excess of zeal, decided to apply what article 724 of the Criminal Code says, in particular to the item that regulates “Blasphemy and outrageous demonstrations“.

How much was the fine? Well 102 euros. Therefore it is necessary to be careful when in the car, perhaps in a queue and not to indulge in insulting expressions towards religious symbols.

Of course, we could sit here and discuss how anachronistic such a law is and how zealous the road agents have been, who perhaps could have turned a blind eye given the situation, but the fact is that the law exists and as such it must be respected to avoid falling into sanctions that are not very heavy but certainly unpleasant.

Car swear words
Car profanity –

The next time you find yourself in a traffic jam and want to vent your frustration, at least make sure you do do it with the window up or in any case in such a way as not to be heard by other agents in the vicinity. Never be that they too decide to apply the law to the rule.

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