Diesel car petrol bonus, who can benefit from the discount: run and request it

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Fuel has reached exorbitant prices over the last few months, costs that not all Italian families or car owners can afford to bear for much longer despite the various bonuses that come to the rescue.

Diesel car petrol bonus
Diesel car petrol bonus – Motori.News

Between the increase in excise duties, the crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war and the post-pandemic period, the cost of living has increased, now getting to the end of the month has become a difficult undertaking for many if not impossible.

As a result of all this, many people have chosen not to use the car to save on fuel costs, even choosing to travel on public transport and thereby renouncing their independence.

Those who once traveled by car to go to work or to go to school, university, etc., today choose not to use the car in order not to pay skyrocketing diesel and petrol.

The cuts of the Meloni government

Since 2 December, the Meloni government made the cut in the discount on excise dutiesand which allowed refueling at an affordable price. The coffers of the state suffer, which is why the executive had to focus on raising costs by increasing revenue as much as possible.

But there is good news that it has to do with the diesel bonus: starting from December 15th there will be new prices and new bonuses which you can use to fill up by paying half.

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From cutting the discount to the diesel bonus for companies

As we know since February 2022 throughout Europe the price increase has been staggering on any product, and on basic necessitiesthat on diesel and petrol, in fact, government intervention was also requested, which eliminated the cost of excise duties by applying a discount of €0.30 per litre.

Despite the promises made to the Italian people, the famous discount cut of €0.30, which is now only 15 cents. The move infuriated all motorists.

Those who own diesel vehicles today will be able to face the expensive fuel by taking advantage of the bonus designed specifically for them. It is a facilitation in the form of a tax credit, which covers the 28% of expenditure incurred during the first quarter of 2022.

All companies operating in Italy and having their headquarters here will be able to take advantage of it, so it is convenient that the bonus will not be directed to everyone but only to companies working in the transport sector.

The functioning of the bonus is quite simple and has to do with the Revenue Agency, with the tax code 6989 or the tax credit code for the purchase of diesel.