What is that button on the dashboard of the car for? No one ever uses it but it’s very useful

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We are all used to using the car at least once a day for short or long journeys. However, we often do not observe the details, for example that button located on the dashboard of the vehicle, whatever it is.

Button on the windshield
Button on the windshield – Motorinews.it

Few know what it’s for, then there are also those who have noticed it but have never wondered what it could be used for, or why it was placed right there.

It is an unusual ball, black in colour, which is located in the horizontal part of the dashboard. It’s not a decoration as you might think, it’s a very useful widget.

Because it is important for any motorist to read the vehicle manual

Some people think it’s a light sensor, others think it’s a rain sensor, still others they think it’s part of the vehicle’s security system. The gadget, on the other hand, has a connection to the air conditioning system and has been studied and designed to perform several tasks together.

That is why it is one of the most important serviceable components of the vehicle. If every person buying a used or new car took the time to read the manual, they would probably find out all the secrets and details of the vehicle’s characteristics which can come in handy on multiple occasions.

Unfortunately, however, no one does it because they think that all cars are the same, consequently they do not feel the need. In reality this is not the case, just think of this sphere that no one will have noticed and that many will have wrongly justified.

Dashboard button, that’s what it’s for

The button located on the dashboard absorbs and sends all the information on sunlight, therefore on the temperature present in the car, in order to adjust it automatically as soon as the vehicle is turned on.

Depending on the weather conditions, the sphere regulates the operating mode of the air conditioning without having to manually intervene. Again according to what the instruction manual says, the black ball should never be blocked by any other foreign body.

Should there be an obstacle in the vicinity, this would deteriorate the performance of the system heating, risking not making it work as it should. But that’s not all because it can also act as an alarm indicator.

So if the present light flashes, then it indicates that the car alarm is active. A piece of advice to ensure that the air conditioning in the car is only an advantage and never a disadvantage and do not point the fins directly towards the face because it is counterproductive for health.