Telepass, never put it here: you pay twice

The Telepass is an innovative device which in just a few months has changed the lives of millions of motorists forced to travel every day for reasons of work or for other needs.

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It’s about a solution devicewhich allows you to pass through the toll booths by paying the toll automatically without having to go in a desperate search for coins or in any case encounter problems and inconveniences of any kind.

Care must be taken how it is positioned inside the passenger compartment, because the positioning is not as simple as one thinks. Then you have to make sure that it is always working because otherwise additional charges may also apply with interest, for negligence.

Distraction and incorrectly assembled Telepass can cause problems and double charges

To make sure it fits well, it is advisable to clean the windscreen and then apply the adhesive strip, to facilitate reading. Anyone who places it on the dashboard and anywhere else in the car is wrong because the camera doesn’t detect it.

Then there is also someone who carelessly forgets to check coverage or activation of the Telepass e once you have passed through the toll booths, gets stuck not knowing what to do.

In this case you must be particularly responsible and remember never to get out of the car, but above all not to make a U-turn to move towards toll booths not enabled for Telepass. This maneuver is not only forbidden but it is the most dangerous of all.

The only thing to do is ask for help to the toll collector or to the assistants who come to the rescue in a few minutes and unlock everything.

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Telepass, how to arrange it to ensure that reading takes place without problems at the toll booth

Positioning the Telepass in the wrong way means accepting disbursements and higher than normal costs. The Telepass must always be positioned in such a way that it can be detected by any electronic deviceor without problems and inconveniences as soon as you approach the toll booths.

Placement instructions and on the use of the device can be found in the Telepass package, in the instruction booklet. This is why it is advisable to always read the manual, in order not to be caught unprepared and not to make mistakes.

Otherwise they can receive very expensive and impactful surprises. We remind you that the Telepass is applied to the windscreen, in the upper central part just behind the mirror.

The bars are only in this position because at the toll booth they rise, detecting their presence in a few seconds. Otherwise not only does the bar not rise but you risk seeing get two or more charges.

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