Aftermarket Corvette C8 Engine Cover Plugs Keep V8 Dry, Cost $199


Imagine this scenario. It’s a warm Saturday afternoon and your Corvette C8 is in the driveway, ready to cruise the canyons. Well, almost ready – there’s still road dust from last weekend’s canyon cruise on the fenders, and you can’t go out with a dirty ‘Vette’. Unfortunately, you have a 16:30 golf outing, and wash the Corvette always requires engine detailing as water enters through the vents in the cover.

Some may think of this as a first world problem, but we found a company called Quinten Racing with a new solution. In a recent Facebook post, the company unveiled a set of C8 car wash covers that fit snugly to the engine cover vents. They’re specifically designed for two side vents and one in the bottom of the hatch, and they can be yours for $199.

According to Quinten Racing’s website, the company offers carbon fiber parts but these covers are actually made of flexible urethane. The image shows the cover in bright blue, although orange is also available. Suffice to say, this is not meant for full-time use while driving. However, they are also not meant for automatic car washes. Apparently these are hand-washable items, with a list explaining that they should be kept flat in a climate-controlled environment and cleaned. before use. The list also shows that water can still enter the engine bay due to the empty drains there.

Commenters on the Facebook post had various thoughts on the cost. Shipping within the United States is an additional $35, raising the total price to $234.99 before applicable taxes. It’s not a cheap solution by any means, but according to one commenter, the current supply of car wash covers is sold out. We don’t know how much is included, but it seems that at least some C8 owners would like to skip the engine details in lieu of tee time at the country club.


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