Gasoline, prices are collapsing: if you do it here you get a 10% discount

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The high price of petrol weighs more and more on the shoulders of all Italians, prices are skyrocketing, costs can no longer be sustained, in fact many Italian families choose not to use the car to get around preferring public transport instead, giving up their own independence.

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THE diesel and petrol prices they have increased a lot over the last few days due to the reduction in the cut in excise taxes established by the government.

Since the war started Russia Ukraineenergy raw materials have undergone a significant price increase, therefore diesel and petrol have been affected by a heavy surge which has also gradually involved LPG.

Furthermore, international speculators, to earn through arbitrage stock market have raised energy costs by a lot, that’s why the various stings.

Postepay’s Christmas gift for Italian motorists

In these hours motorists are discovering the little gift early gas pump Christmas tree. This is a 10% discount on petrol, diesel and LPG. The cost decrease does not come from oil-producing countries not wanting to lower costs.

But from the Postepay card. Those who go to the Diesel or LPG petrol station and pay with the Postepay card get the Cashback of €1 for every €10 of petrol. So if you spend €50, you get €5 back. By making a quick calculation, you get a 10% discount on fuel.

In this way, making petrol becomes economical. Unfortunately, however, not all the refueling stations participate in the initiative, they are only a few, for this reason it is advisable to inquire before going to the petrol pump.

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The Italian state tries to support families, but the crisis is getting worse and worse

The discount also helps us to forget the suffering that all families are experiencing, thinking about the future in particular. However much the government may push on the birth rate and however much families may want to have children, the situation does not permit it.

To each one average family made up of 3 or 4 people at the most, it is unable to go on due to inflation which is getting higher and higher, above all with the uncertain and little reassured economic conditions in which we are forced to live.

Certainly the birth rate will remain unchanged for much longer, indeed according to experts it could even drop. The bonuses made available by the government to support families are not enough to make it to the end of the month.

There are families that they even struggle to do the shopping and others who are no longer able to pay the car taxes for which they give up.