Car tax, there is a way not to pay it: everyone is doing it now

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The car tax is a tax that must be paid every year: however, there is a way not to pay it, here are the excluded categories.

car tax how not to pay it
Car tax, how not to pay it –

Among the taxes most hated by Italians there is certainly the car tax. This car tax is a local tax which is levied on vehicles of all types registered in Italy: the payment takes place in the region of residence.

The stamp duty must be paid in any case: it is sufficient to be the owner of a vehicle, as evidenced by the registration in the Public Automobile Register, also known as PRA, to be required to pay this tax. Yes, even if you never drive.

The consequences in the event of non-payment are initially slight and then gradually become more and more serious: starting with small penalties and interest which are applied directly to the amount owed when you go to pay off your debt.

Over time, however, precisely after three years of default, the law also provides for the vehicle office radiationwhich must take place in any case after notification and without prejudice to the right to object.

However, some are foreseen exemptionswhich can vary depending on the condition of the owner, the state and the nature of the car you own.

Exemptions from car tax, how to proceed and who is entitled to it

With the latest updates to the Highway Code, significant changes have been made to the list of vehicles that are entitled to exemption from paying the car tax.

Car stamp exemptions
Car tax exemptions –

We obviously start with the means of historical and collectible interest, who are over 30 or 40 years old, and for whom the possession tax does not apply. If they have been revised to circulate on today’s roads, it is instead possible to pay what is defined as “reduced stamp“, a sort of lump sum that allows circulation.

The same right to exemption applies if the vehicle owner is disabled: the vehicle must be adapted to the individual’s handicap and cannot exceed 2000 cc if powered by petrol or 2800 if powered by diesel. In any case, the payment of the car tax is not due.

Finally, there are the categories of cars for which the payment of the tax is not required. We speak of course about low-emission or even fully electric cars.

Car tax payment
Car tax payment – ​​

Although the law in this regard may vary from region to region, it is generally guaranteed a 5-year exemption from the payment of the car tax if you own an exclusively electric car. In some regions, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, the exemption is even permanent.

Before closing, let us remember that in the case of mopeds and light quadricycles the payment of the tax is due only in case of effective use. Unlike cars, in fact, the payment of the stamp duty is not foreseen regardless of whether it is used or not. Here too, in any case, it is possible to take advantage of the same kind of exemptions that we have seen before.

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