Have you ever seen this sign? Everyone gets it wrong: it causes too many accidents

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Knowing the meaning of road signs is essential to circulate safely, in fact, in order to obtain a driving license, you must demonstrate that you know them all.

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There are some signs that we don’t know about at all, which could be a real problem especially talking about road signs indicating obligations to be respected when driving.

If they are not recognised, if they indicate giving way and therefore if it were a stop sign, accidents can be caused, sometimes even serious.

You run the risk not only to get fines, but also to incur criminal penalties and perhaps the withdrawal of the license.

The highway code and the law do not allow ignorance or misinformation, here’s what is better to know

Most of the motorists, knows the most common road signs. At driving school they all study obviously, but over time many do not meet on the road and therefore they go into oblivion which should not happen.

There are some signs that they are not found all over the streets, but only in some particular or particularly dangerous stretches of road. The ones we all know are the classics, giving precedence, stop at the intersection, right of way, obligation to use chains, traffic bans, restricted traffic areas, etc.

Unfortunately for us, however, even the signs that are rarely seen are part of the rules of the road, which is full of them. Among other things, the law does not allow ignorance, consequently every mistake corresponds to a fine and much more.

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What does the indicated yield sign mean

Yield signs are the most common, but the one pictured is very rarely seen. The signal represents a bus, or means of urban transport that can be encountered above all in some mountain roads and always has the right of way.

When you come across this road sign, you must always stop. Probably few people know it, i.e. only those who live in the mountains. You should know that when you meet a bus you must always stop.

In some streets outlined for example in mountainous sections or in uphill or downhill sections priority goes to the bus because the vehicle due to its weight if it is uphill or downhill may not be able to resume its journey, therefore have difficulty starting again, or difficulty stopping in time.

The signal may also be present in some blind spots, where the urban vehicle would struggle to see what’s around. If you meet the bus or if you notice this sign then it is better to stop for caution.