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If the engine light comes on, it could mean some problems. Many of them, however, are of little importance and it will be possible to solve everything with a simple and cheap move. Here’s what you need to know about this light coming on and the practical way to turn it off.

Engine light on
Engine light on – Motori.news

When you turn on a light on the dashboard there are many people who believe that there could be a very serious breakdown or malfunction. In some cases it is, unfortunately, really like this, while in others it is not. What’s to know? What happens if the check engine light comes on on the dashboard? Here are all the details about it.

There engine light on is, without a doubt, the one that most worries motorists. Especially those who are not experts in the sector, are immediately led to think that there really could be a serious engine failure. Such a spy it can refer both to failures that are actually mechanical in nature and to certain electrical problems.

This spy is from yellow color and is shaped like a stylized engine. It turns on very often, especially after a few years of life of the machine. But in most cases, it only concerns a report on a minor problem that can be solved with a practical, simple and absolutely cheap move.

In fact, the warning light does not always necessarily refer to serious malfunctions. It is also necessary to evaluate whether it is fixed or if it flashes on the dashboard. In the first case, the problem will certainly be related to the engine. If it flashes, however, the damage will certainly be slight and you can continue driving.

But how to try to turn off the engine light yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about the do-it-yourself method to implement this move with a few euros. If the light goes out, you will have solved the problem without having to visit your mechanic.

Engine warning light: here’s how to solve the problem in a practical and economical way

In most cases, as mentioned, the turning on of the engine warning light will refer to simple contacts or to very minor problems. The latter will be solved with a simple move. Anyone, therefore, will be able to implement it and solve the problem of turning on this ‘annoying’ warning light. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Cleaning additive - Motori.News
The additive to clean the EGR valves: in this way the engine warning light will go off – Motori.News

If you don’t notice any serious engine problems, despite the light coming on, you can most likely fix the problem yourself. Indeed, in many cases the signal refers to a small malfunction, which does not force you to stop driving or go to the mechanic immediately. What minor malfunction are we talking about?

The fault in question refers to a problem with the EGR valves, i.e. those operating to minimize harmful emissions into the environment. Dirty valves are therefore signaled to the motorist by turning on the general engine warning light.

This problem will absolutely not damage the engine of your car and, therefore, you can continue to use it peacefully. However, a move will need to be made to clean these valves and to reduce your car’s emissions. How do you have to do?

To clean the EGR valves and then get them back to working at their best, you will need to purchase one special additive at a cost of about 15 euros. It must be added to the machine’s full fuel tank.

This additive will best disinfect the valves and the engine light on the dashboard will go out again after a short time. You will therefore have solved the problem without spending money in the workshop. Obviously, if the warning light does not go off, a visit to your trusted mechanic will, however, be mandatory.