Administrative detention, this document is enough for you to cancel it: you can go back to circulation

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The administrative detention of the car is a problem that we would like to avoid: a document allows you to solve it quickly and cheaply.

Administrative detention
Administrative detention –

The administrative detention it is one of the harshest measures one can undergo. Thanks to this act, administrations and competent bodies such as Municipalities, Regions, INPS, the State and so on can implement the freezing of movable property of the debtor using the collection agents.

The goal is to collect unpaid credits often linked to taxes or dues such as non-payment of car tax or a series of fines taken for infringement of the Highway Code.

How does the administrative detention of the car take place?

In the event of non-payment of the debts due within the terms of the law, the collection agents have the power to order the detention of the vehicle in the name of the debtor: the procedure takes place through the registration of administrative detention at the PRA, Public vehicle registration.

Administrative detention
Administrative detention –

Once the registration has been formalised, you have no possibility to circulate with the vehicle until the debt is paid or, in any case, until the collection agent cancels the detention.

Warning: in the most serious cases the dealer may even sell the vehicle, for example when the payment of the disputed sums continues to be missing. If you are sure, however, that you have paid off your debt, here it is how do you have to proceed to immediately cancel the detention.

How to cancel administrative detention

Once you have paid the sums due and you are certain that there are no other tax bills pending against you, you can go to the Provincial Directorate of ACI to cancel the administrative detention of your car. At the offices you must present the following documents:

  • Identity card currently valid
  • Revocation provision issued by the Revenue Agency following the payment of the debt
  • Certificate of ownershipalso in digital version

Here you will write the detention cancellation request note which you will need to mark on the back of the Certificate of Ownership, or on the NP-3 model, payment of a stamp duty of 32 euros. 48 euros instead if you choose the NP-3 model.

The request will be examined by the competent office which will proceed within a very short timecancellation of administrative detention and the issuance of a new digital Certificate of Ownership.

Suspension of administrative detention
Suspension of administrative detention –

It is important to underline that the cancellation of the detention can be requested fromeven if you have paid the first installment of a debt that you have decided to “spread” into several tranchesa way to facilitate people who find themselves paying a large sum but who can thus continue to travel.

Finally, remember that, in this regard, only paying your debts can unlock your car from its lock. Otherwise, the request will be rejected and you will have to redo the procedure until you are in compliance with the tax reports you have received.