MotoGP in mourning, the sad farewell after losing the most important battle

The MotoGP paddock mourns Laurent Fellon. The moving words of his son Lorenzo and MotoGP rider Johann Zarco.

MotoGP, the sweet father-son embrace – MotoriNews

The goodbyes they are never pleasant. In this case, however, we are talking about one disappearance of a character who marked the MotoGP paddock. Laurent Fellon61, passed away on Monday evening after a tough battle with the cancerunfortunately lost. She sadly announced it to her son Lorenzo Fellon, an 18-year-old Moto3 rider, always accompanied by his father, who followed his career. He mourns it too Johann Zarco, who had him as manager for a long time. Up to the fracture in MotoGP, but that doesn’t count anymore. The World Championship greets with emotion those who have always lived among engines.

Greetings from his son Lorenzo

“A child with a dream”as the very young Moto3 rider defines himself. Lorenzo Fellon he was followed in his career by his father Laurent in several guises. A father-son combination therefore indissolubleuntil the sad news. “I announce with great sadness the disappearance my father’s.” Thus the young Fellon began his moving social post to remember the parent. “He was fighting against the cancer for several months now. I have no words to describe the ache that I feel right now, but I know that he is always with me in peace. I love you dadI will continue to fight for you and for us.” Words joined by several profiles, such as SIC58 Racing Teamwhich Fellon has raced for the past two years. “After one tough race for life Laurent, father of Lorenzo, did not make it. We are especially close to you Lorenzo. We are sure you will be able to be strong and to fight on the track even for your dad.”

The Fellons and Johann Zarco – MotoriNews

With Zarco up to the MotoGP

The sweet memory of a two-time world champion, who owes so much to Laurent Fellon. The ending between the former manager and Johann Zarco it was stormy, but that is now the past. The current Ducati Pramac rider in MotoGP wanted to remember the long journey lived together with his then manager, very important in his career. “Goodbye my friend wrote Zarco with affection on his social profiles. “Yours passion for motorcycles it was limitless, great was your desire to pass it on. By your side you made me a warriorthis will last for a lifetime. Thank you Nenesan.”

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