Millions of people are saving gas money this way – try it too

Saving on petrol money in this period has become of primary importance, due to the price increases, going to the petrol pump has become a real nightmare for all motorists and motorcyclists.

Petrol –

The prices of petrol and fuel in general, they reached the stars. So if you can save money and avoid using private transport, anyone does so by even choosing to travel on public transport, renouncing their independence.

Due to inflation the cost of living has become high, getting to the end of the month, on the other hand, is impossible, which is why many families give up on shopping once a week or using the car for leisure and relaxation outings.

Online services are growing today, here’s what you can do

Anyone today, for months now, buys everything you need online, probably if you could you would also buy petrol on the internet.

But there is little to joke about because the services available online are growing more and more over time. Gradually many functions are added that are more than useful for everyone. Among many, there is the Google Maps which over the years has had an absurd evolution.

Thanks to Google Maps in fact we can trace paths to move from one place to another both on foot and by car, saving time, but above all petrol and therefore money.

Also on the app you can book hotels, you can search for nearby bars or restaurants without going around randomly consuming extra petrol. But beware of the latest added feature that not everyone knows about. Hence the Google Maps it also indicates the petrol stations in the area.

auto navigation

Refueling with Google maps is convenient

You can even choose the cheapest gas stationor. The app indicates them all, indicating the prices applied by all distributors in order to reach the one where petrol costs less and is therefore more convenient.

The function has been active on the Google Maps app for several months, many have already used it and discovered it immediately, someone else doesn’t know yet and will find out today. To find out what the petrol prices are in the various nearby petrol stations, just open Google Maps and look for petrol or gas station, service station.

At this point, just look for the petrol station entry and click on it, a map will open, all the indicated distributors will appear on it with a drop or with an icon on which even the price of petrol per liter will appear. In this way you can compare the costs and then choose the refueling point at which to stop.

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