up to 600 euros if you do this

The electric scooter is depopulating: it’s fast, cheap and with zero emissions. But be careful: it is not exempt from very high fines.

electric scooter fines
Electric scooter, fines of up to 600 euros – motori.news

Electric scooters have invaded our cities in recent years. They are practical and fast, they can get anywhere and they are much cheaper than a car or a moped. The streets are full.

Many have decided to make this purchase, but those who do not own one can take advantage of the numerous sharing services present in the main Italian cities. In short, almost everyone has had the opportunity to take a ride on this popular vehicle.

Indeed it is popular among the very young, who with a few euros and without a license can rent a scooter for a while. However, many have complained about this inconsiderate use of the medium: above all accidents often occur among young people and many get hurt.

Exactly for this reason controls are being tightened more and more and the penalties also regarding this means.

Fines for electric scooters: you risk €600 stings

If many choose to use the electric scooter because it is a means that is economically convenient, just as many could soon regret it given the very high fines that are risked when it is used improperly.

Although a driving license is not required to drive it, the highway code provides for precise rules to keep in mind before riding an electric scooter.

Electric scooters
Electric scooters – Motori.news

In fact they are very dangerous means, even if on the surface it could also seem the opposite: on average they reach 25 km/h, but it is easy to find some on the market that boast much higher speeds, up to 60km/h.

Having an accident at these speeds is certainly not pleasant, also considering that they are often involved and run over pedestrians who are at risk of getting really hurt. for this thearticle 173 of the highway code further regulates the use of the scooter

What does article 173 of the highway code impose?

Those who happen to live in cities will have often seen people driving a scooter who took advantage of it for listen to music while traveling. Unfortunately, however, the use of headphones while driving does not allow us to hear and understand what is happening around us, with possible catastrophic results.

Also hearing is essential to driving: Helps us understand if there are cars nearby or if someone is trying to get our attention with their horn. For this reason, the expected fine is really a blow.

Guide Electric Scooters
Guide Electric Scooters – Motori.news

It starts from a minimum of 160 euros up to 600 euros. In the face of those who use the scooter because it’s cheap! So to keep the scooter a sustainable expense, it is important to observe all the obligations established.

So you have to remember that it is forbidden use the scooter under 14 years oldwhich for minors is absolutely helmet is mandatorywhich is made for one person only and therefore passengers cannot be carried and that sidewalks must be avoided.

It is also essential to remember that even for scooters there is a speed limit: 20 km/h at most, and in the pedestrian areas 6 km/h.

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