MotoGP: it’s not 2023 yet, but the young rookie is already in history

Augusto Fernandez Moto2 champion and MotoGP rookie in 2023. And he’s already entered the history of the category, that’s why.

MotoGP rookie already in history – MotoriNews

Everything is ready for its debut in MotoGP. Indeed, there has already been a first taste in the official tests in Valencia, before giving the 2022 season to an end. Augusto Fernandez he had just won the title Moto2, but the gift was just around the corner. Two days later here he is at first contact on the saddle KTM RC16 with colours GasGas, his bike for the next world vintage. A nice jump in category together with the team Tech3with made his debut in day only MotoGP test. Closing the season with a smile, but there’s more, since Fernandez is in history even before starting the new adventure.

The big revenge

He will arrive in the premier class with the best business card possible. It is no longer so usual for the change to take place only for the world champions, many guys further back got their chance. Let’s think about Fabio Quartararowho only showed some flashes in Moto2, before making the big voice in MotoGP. Augusto Fernandez instead he will get there with an iris in his pocket. The big prize after so many difficult years, indeed twice, his career seemed to be at the end of the line, only to start again. It wasn’t easy in Moto2 either, until he thought about it Aki Ajo to bet on him. And for Fernandez the gates of paradise have opened, and of MotoGP even before the end of the season. But the battle it wasn’t over and the Spaniard battled right up to the last GP, finally taking the well-deserved world crown. With attached tears emotional at the thought of the effort cost along the way.

In MotoGP history

It will be his turn, but still before starting the 2023 there is one aspect to underline. In fact, Augusto Fernandez will not have to worry about the title of Rookie of the Year and for only one reason: he is theonly newcomer MotoGP. A historical fact, but not a unique case for this category. There are two other precedents, first Sylvain Guintoliarrived in MotoGP in 2007 as the only rookie. Next we have another one: Tito Rabatthat his leap to the premier class made him in 2016. Two years later than when the Moto2 title arrived, by choice of him, but he too was the only rookie in MotoGP that year. Augusto Fernandez he is in good company, but as always he won’t have an easy life. The standard is very high and hopefully KTM you don’t burn this talent too…

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