Full of free petrol, the trick is depopulating: here’s how it works

There’s a trick about getting gas without chasing a dollar that has been hatched by some people online. What did they think, is it legal? Let’s discover the method that would allow you to refuel your car without having to dip into your wallet. Works? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Free petrol
Free petrol – Motori.news

Being able to do free petrol it would be a dream for millions of Italians. Especially in a similar historical period with price increases in every sector, being able to save something and dip into your wallet as little as possible would be an option widely frowned upon. But is it really possible to get gas for free? What trick has been devised on the web? Here are all the details.

After it outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine occurred at the end of February, i fuel price hikes they have made motorists from all over the world pale, including those of our country. As mentioned, price increases have also occurred in other areas, putting a strain on the pockets of many consumers.

The price of diesel and petrol has skyrocketed and only the cut of excise duties, implemented by the Government, has allowed people to spend 30.5 cents less per liter on fuel. The cut in excise duties has been extended for months and months, but since December 1 the discount has been reduced by around 12 cents.

But did you know that on the web several people have told of a trick that has recently been implemented to refuel their tank for free? What is it referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about this method. Is it legal or not? Let’s analyze all the details.

Free petrol: here’s the trick that allows you to save money every time you refuel

Now the prices of petrol and diesel are still acceptable, despite the reduction of the excise cut discount. The hope is that the price per liter of fuel will not rise further in the coming weeks. But which method allows you to have free petrol with every tank? Here are all the details on this experiment told on the web.

Illegal free petrol trick - Motori.News
The trick to getting free gas: is it legal? – Motors.News

Let’s start by saying immediately like the word ‘free’ with reference to petrol, it should already lead to more than one doubt about the feasibility of the method expressed on the web. Indeed, this action that we are going to analyze is absolutely illegal. But what trick is going around online? Here are all the details.

Unfortunately, the times we are living in are sad enough for price increases in every sector. Different people, therefore, come up with illegal tricks to steal petrol from petrol stations. The method that has been devised requires an ‘investment’ of 5 euros for self-service refuelling. It takes two to put the illegal plan into practice to continue refilling the tank for free.

Practically, as one person pulls out the pump and starts filling, the other jumps vigorously onto the hose, so as to increase the gasoline output. But does it really work? As already mentioned, this move is a real theft and, therefore, would end up in the criminal.

But also from a practical point of view this action would not work, since every petrol pump has protected delivery systems. Jumping on the pipe is not enough to increase the fuel output to bypass this protection.

Each petrol station also has video surveillance cameras, which would record the faces of the scoundrels and the license plate of the illegally refueled car. The method, therefore, is completely illegal. Our advice, as always, is to do things right. Despite the price increases, being honest is always the right way to behave.

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