Put this rubber on your wipers, you will never guess what it can do

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Windshield wipers are essential on any car, because they allow you to keep the windshield always clean in any situation and condition.

put this rubber on the wipers
Put this rubber on your wipers – motori.news

When it rains or when we travel on particularly dusty roads, muddy, dirty, we operate them to clean the glass. Remember that by law, it is forbidden to drive with a dirty windshield, because it obstructs the view.

The driver must have a clear view of the road ahead and of the vehicles in order to be able to be responsive in case of necessity.

Clean windshield and working wipers, maintenance is important

In any case and situation water and windshield wipers save our lives. Unfortunately, however, not everything always goes as hoped.

We realize the need for windshield wiper maintenance, when we find ourselves with our backs to the wall or when they don’t work as they should or stop working.

The windscreen wipers do not work properly when once operated even though the glass is wet, they start making noise. In this you must immediately turn them off, unless you want to irreparably scratch the windshield and think of the best solution.

When your wipers make noise, they don’t always indicate that they need to be replaced, yesOften it’s the rubber underneath that needs cleaning because it is so dirty as to prevent its functionality.

Before running for cover with an imminent replacement of the wipers, it is advisable to check and evaluate the state of wear. If they are simply dirty, you can clean the rubber with a cloth dipped in vinegar and water. It is important to clean them delicately so as not to damage the rubber or unintentionally detach it. And here it is solved.

If they aren’t dirty then they probably don’t work because they are worn out or damaged, so it is better to replace them.

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The accessory to be applied to the windscreen wiper that saves life

Beyond the care of the wipers, therefore cleaning, etc., it is good to know that there is an accessory that costs very little, which can be purchased on the internet as well as in all shops that sell car accessories.

This accessory is a rubber gasket, which you have to slide along the wipers until you reach the base. A very simple protection that is applied directly to the windscreen wiper, manages to protect the wiper from impact and dirt.

These plastic protections adapt to any vehicle so you can buy several to have a supply at home, even when changing the car, they can be used without problems.

It is recommended to buy them and use them because they guarantee a long life to the wipers and brushes, this means saving for a long time and avoiding spending money unnecessarily.