Smoking in the car, why can’t it be done anymore? The law is clear

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Once there were many people who smoked in cars, anyone who smoked cigarettes at any time of day or night, on the other hand this has always been the most common and most widespread vice.

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To date, no one is clear on this aspect: smoking in the car is permitted or prohibited by law and then by the highway code?

In general we all know that those who do not respect the highway code and therefore go against the regulationruns the risk of incurring unavoidable and heavy penalties.

Respecting the rules of the highway code is essential

But unfortunately not everyone is aware of the rules of the road, some prohibitions are known simply because they are talked about so much and we find ourselves confronted with those specific situations several times a day.

Reference is made for example to the parking of the car in no parking, for which you risk a fine. The same thing if you cross an intersection with the traffic light still red. Nobody knows anything about smoking in cars.

Also because over the years everything has evolved. If simple cigarettes could once be smoked, today electronic cigarettes can also be smoked. Does a possible ban concern both the former and the latter or only the classic cigarettes?

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Here is the answer that dissolves all doubts

Everyone has always smoked in the caror, perhaps in traffic or waiting for the green at the traffic light. But who smokes in the car does it by choice or because it is not prohibited and therefore has the right to do so? The answer is very simple.

There are no rules that prohibit the act itself, but if you are a minor you must be extremely careful.

The law does not admit ignorance, so it is good to inquire and know all the rules that make up the highway code in order not to make mistakes and to know how to behave at any time and in any condition.

Several attempts have been made over the yearsr insert this new rule and update the highway code forbidding smoking to any driver of cars, motorcycles or any other means. So far this has not happened but it could happen soon.

If you are a minor and are caught smoking in your car while driving, you risk paying a fine ranging from €27 to €275. The fine can even reach €500 if you smoke with children under the age of 12 in the car.