Car battery, with this trick you will never run out again: try it now

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The car battery is the first major problem of all cars, as long as it works it saves our lives. When it stops doing it for one reason or another it creates many inconveniences, for example it leaves us stranded wherever we are.

Car battery
Car battery –

So many times we find ourselves in difficult situations from which one really does not know how to get out.

Once you’re on your feet, all you have to do is call a friend or relative and ask for help, or contact an auto electrician located nearbyin the hope of solving the problem even if paying important sums.

Why suddenly the car battery stops working

Batteries store electricity, they are formed by two positive and negative electrodes, these are immersed in an electrolyte substance. Slowly over time the accumulated energy is released as direct current and allows the engine to start.

In this way, the electrical system stays on as long as the car is running. Sometimes the batteries stop working, there are two options, either they are dead or they have reached the end of their life.

If they are empty, they can be recharged, if they have reached the end unfortunately they have to be replaced, because the liquid goes down below the level that allows operationfor which the oxidation process is triggered, the conductors are consumed due to a higher concentration of acid than necessary.

In this case there is nothing to do but put your hand in your wallet and buy a suitable new battery which, if nothing else, guarantees you will not be left standing for a long time.

Car battery
Battery –

How to solve the problem if the battery is flat

If the battery is simply dead, an electric shock from an external source is required ed here solved the problem for free.

Here’s what to do: connect the battery cables of another car that has started to make sure that the stationary car absorbs the minimum amount of charge needed to start the engine, to move. Immediately afterwards you can contact an auto electrician, perhaps trusted, from your own country, for carry out all necessary checks.

The red cable must be connected to the positive terminals, the black cable with the negative poles. Then you speed up, you wait about 10 minutes. Once done you can start again, it takes 10 minutes to ensure that the battery is charged enough so as not to be left standing in the middle of the road again.

Sometimes it can be hard to find someone who can help and that it has the cables available. That’s why it is recommended to buy the starter with the 10 volt charger that allows you to recharge the car in seconds and start it.

It works whether the car is on diesel or petrol. It can be used not only for cars, but also for trucks, campers, boats, motorbikes, tractors. It costs little and saves a lot of money in most situations.