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Inside cars there is a whole world to discover. Going around in the car is a gesture of great responsibility, you have to be careful of everything and everyone and strange as it may seem, even what you have in the trunk or inside the passenger compartment.

Never have these items in your car
Never have this item in your car –

As much as the car may be owned, so considered private property it doesn’t work like home. At home, everyone can do what they want, within the limits of respect for the law.

By car instead the highway code is respected, unless you want to get hefty fines and unfortunately it doesn’t take much to get to this outcome.

Oddities in the car are never too many, here’s what you risk if…

The oddities that can be seen around in the cars are many, however funny they may seem you have to go there with lead feet because sometimes among all these oddities, there can also be something really dangerous.

We are talking about small objects that can hide pitfalls, but above all that can have repercussions in the event of checks by the police.

In this period, probably also due to the arrival of the holidays, controls have been intensified in all Italian municipalities. At the moment there are many checkpoints and they are located everywhere and you are advised to be careful.

The checks aim to improve the quality of traffic, but above all to preserve road safety as far as possible. So when you’re driving, it’s better always carry your documents with you to be shown to the police upon request and more.

What matters is also have the car cleared, free of objects considered particularly risky. The Carabinieri or the Police could also ask to inspect the passenger compartment.

What plastic items you shouldn’t take with you

There are some plastic devices that may look cute but can also cause incredibly high outlays. The first is a badge such as a police badge or the paddle like that of the Carabinieri or the police.

These are all distinctive signs of the police forces that must not belong to any citizen or to any motorist, so it is better not to buy them or not to carry them around with you if you don’t want to pay hefty fines.

Who keeps in the car one of these objects goes against article 497 bis of the Penal Code, for which he risks very high fines and more. According to the law, using or possessing any of these items is a punishable offence.