VW Group Announces MEB+ Platform For Electric Vehicles With 435 Miles Range

The Volkswagen Group’s electrification efforts use the Modular Electric Drive System (MEB) architecture. It underpins several vehicles within the Group, and the automaker plans to upgrade the platform. In the coming years, MEB will become MEB+, offering wider coverage and faster charging.

The automaker said it was making major investments to further develop the technology and “utilize the full potential of this successful platform and ensure it remains competitive.” The scalable architecture gives VW the freedom to design vehicles. Placing the battery in the underbody between the axles creates more cabin space. The ID.3 offers the same room as the Passat but in Golf dimensions.

According to the company, the upgraded MEB+ platform will offer a range of up to 435 miles (700 kilometers) and be capable of charging speeds of 175-200 kilowatts. The architecture will achieve these numbers using the company’s next-generation unit cell battery. VW will also enhance the platform’s “digital infrastructure,” which the company says could bring a “significant leap” to automated driving functionality.

The number of MEB-based vehicles will also increase in the coming years. The automaker plans to launch 10 new models by 2026. The company plans cars for the performance and premium segments, but one of the new cars will be an entry-level model with a starting price of €25,000 ($26,271 at today’s exchange rates). .

Volkswagen did not mention the Scalable Systems Platform it was set to underpin its Trinity model. Last month, a report emerged stating that the automaker had delayed the project until 2030 due to software issues and that the SSP architecture would not launch in 2026 as originally planned.

The MEB platform was first launched in 2019 with the ID.3. Today, more than 670,000 vehicles use this architecture, with 500,000 of them were VW ID models. Audi, Cupra and Skoda also use the platform. The VW Group didn’t say when we should expect the new architecture to debut, so we’ll be keeping an eye out as the company rolls out new products over the next few years.

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