Be careful how you insert the gun into the tank, if you put it like this you will spend more money

We all use the car every day to get around the country or out of the country, for work, for study or for leisure. It happens to empty the tank without even noticing.

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article already written –

Unfortunately today finding an empty tank is like a death sentence because it means that you have to go to the petrol pump as soon as possible and refuel spending who knows how much money if you don’t want to run the risk to stand everywhere.

Anyone walking around looking for the gas station best that offers the fuel at an advantageous price. As much as you can go round and round and round, though, convenience is hard to come by.

Empty tank, mistakes not to be made at the petrol pump

Due to excise duties, the war, the post pandemic, prices have increased. Nowadays it is difficult if not impossible to even go shopping. So you only have to do one thing, surrender. Or find ways to save money.

One thing that you must always pay attention to avoid making fatal mistakes is the type of fuel to put in the tank of your car. Which means that you cannot, and should never, make the mistake of putting petrol in a diesel car or vice versa.

Unfortunately there are many, women, people who are inattentive or just starting out, to make mistakes. It is an accidental error which, however, unfortunately compromises the functioning of the vehicle and forces it to spend a lot of money to the workshop to fix the car.

Then there is another small detail, not insignificant that some motorists miss and which always has to do with self-service.

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What to do when refueling

When you go to refuel in self-service mode, you expect that once the fuel threshold is reached, the pump stops automatically. In the meantime, always remember to set it otherwise this doesn’t happen.

Then it is better to be careful even if it is set and to avoid in case of a full one check for overflows whether it’s petrol or diesel, it doesn’t matter. To ensure that this does not happen, you have to wait to hear the click emitted by the pump when you reach the maximum.

Not everyone pays attention to detail by neglecting that click that saves life. Others think that even though the famous click has been heard there is still room for more fuel so they move on.

This is an unnecessary waste of fuel and money because the fuel ends up on the ground and pollutes the soil. So it is recommended once you hear the click of close the tank and put the pump back in place. Few people know it but the margin after the “click” is reduced in the summer or in the warmer months because the fuel expands at high temperatures.

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