If you press this button under the steering wheel of the car, you will consume less gas, hurry up with it

Due to the skyrocketing cost of fuel, everyone is looking for the most effective and convenient way to save petrol.

Button under the steering wheel
Button under the steering wheel – motori.news

Many people have chosen to use the car as little as possible to save as much as possible on consumption.

There are those who, for example, have bought an electric car to save money at least on petrol or diesel and those who prefer to use public transport to get around without problems or worries of any kind.

Fuel has reached outrageously high prices, but there’s a button that saves fuel, that’s what it’s all about

Petrol and diesel have reached two euros per litre. Unfortunately for consumers the situation is not the best because the future does not show anything positive, on the contrary it is all very worrying.

But don’t worry, there is a button located under the steering wheel that seems to solve or at least make the problem less serious. We are talking about the “Start and Stop” button which optimizes consumption and at the same time contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions.

Car manufacturers have made test according to which the use of the button in question reduces fuel consumption by 10% in the presence of traffic jams. In urban traffic we are talking about 3% total savings.

start and stop
Button – motors.news

Advantages and disadvantages of a button present only on modern cars

“Start and Stop” in a nutshell is useful when driving in urban areas where there is traffic. In practice, it is used to switch off the engine when the car is stopped at traffic lights or still queued for whatever reason.

It restarts when the clutch is disengaged and then the brake pedal is released, it only comes into operation when no other system is switched on, for example that of heating or air conditioning.

As if that weren’t enough, it optimizes daily comfort by reducing engine vibrations and car noise pollution. It is present on all recent car models but of course it raises prices significantly.

But be careful because like everything this button has not only advantages. If you press too hard, you will overstress both the battery and the starter, causing the starter motor to exceed 100,000 km and you will end up having to replace it. The replacement costs 60% more than any other normal scooter. So what to say except that like everything, you have to make the correct use, within the limits, without exceeding.

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