Pit Stop gang, they’re terrorizing everyone: they’re wrecking your car

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The Pit Stop gang frightened the motorists of the Appio Latino for months, causing an uproar throughout the police station intent on examining the footage from the video surveillance cameras of the whole area for days and weeks to find the perpetrators of the crimes as well as the car used to commit them.

Pit Stop Band
Pit Stop Band – motori.news

The thieves are desperateperpetually looking for the best way to make money illegally.

In the last period not only have they increased but incredible strategies have been implemented which apparently they bring home satisfactory results, at least until everything goes well.

The pit stop gang for example he’s been making money for months and months, then it was abruptly interrupted by the intervention of the Police who finally closed one of the most difficult cases of the period.

Police intervention made it possible to arrest the pit stop gang

The Police, to carry out the mission organized a night stalking service, at 4:30, in the area often affected by thefts. The crafty car was spotted at one point and had two people on board.

After a short journey, these approached a car, which corresponds to the models targeted for all the thefts carried out previously. At this point the men got out of the vehicle, dismounted the four tire bolts and they loaded them in the trunk of their car and then set off again.

The policemen followed the car without being noticed, until it stopped next to other cars parked a little further on. At that point the agents, both in civilian clothes and in uniform, descended and arrested the men suspected of theft in competition.

winter tires
Pit stop band – Motori.news

The discovery in the men’s trunk and the judge’s decision

Inside the trunk of the Pit Stop gang car, the tires stolen shortly before were found. These were immediately returned to their respective owners. Immediately after the arrest was validated, the judge arranged for them the precautionary measure and house arrest.

There are many thieves intent to steal car tyresthe reason is only one: they yield a lot because generally they can be covered from 25,000 to 50,000 km by applying a normal driving style, so they can be resold at attractive prices.

To avoid having your tires stolen, you need to install a good anti-theft device on your car or cover the car with a good tarp or park the car in front of a video camera in order to trace the criminals in case they are stolen.