Telepass, here’s what you must never do if the bar doesn’t go up: big risk

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The Telepass is a rather useful device, it was designed to allow users to quickly pay the toll on all Italian motorways, without stopping and looking for coins, only wasting time and risking arriving late.

telepass bar
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Telepass is a small box containing a magnetic card. When approaching the toll booth, the card is detected by a device located just under the arch of the toll booth which opens the barrier, without having to stop and pay.

In this way you avoid long annoying queues and more. For this reason the device is considered the best friend, the ally especially of those who work outside the city and is forced to move every day, several times a day.

Couriers, frontier workers and all those who work in the transport sector could never do without Telepass.

Telepass service costs, where to pick up the device

The costs of the service are very low, €1.26 per month to which are obviously added all the amounts of the various toll booths that are crossed from time to time. Despite this, the price is reasonable, also because it allows you to take advantage of an ad hoc service that does not require improvements.

To purchase the Telepass, just connect to the official website, or go to the bank, Punto Blu or post office. Once the device is received, it must be mounted in the car, pay attention to the position in which it is placed.

If you mount it in the wrong place, you run the risk of malfunction. This means that every time you go through the toll booth, you risk paying multiple times by mistake or the gate won’t open at all.

Telepass – Motors.News

What not to do in the event of a Telepass malfunction

In case in which the Telepass bar does not rise, you have to be ready and not let yourself be caught unprepared because a minor mistake can cost you dearly. In this case you just have to press the column button and wait.

There are video cameras at the toll booth, so as soon as assistance becomes aware of the malfunction, it sends an operator ready to intervene and raise the barrier to pass.

The problem is solved in a few seconds. The only thing that absolutely must not be done is to think of reversing or inverting, perhaps to join the queue at another toll booth. There is nothing more dangerous.

Cars arrive at a certain speed, so if you don’t have time to realize and brake, you risk causing quite serious accidents.