Band of lithium, they destroy all the cars: maximum attention to these

In Rome, 262 lithium batteries were found, which had been stolen in the capital in recent weeks.

maximum attention lithium band
Lithium band, maximum attention –

The heist carried out by the criminals was worth €90,000. The lithium batteries had been stolen by experts who pulled them out of the scooters and electric scooters used for the sharing service in the capital.

To find the loot it was the carabinieri following lengthy investigations, which went on for weeks. This is proof that families can no longer find a way to live and earn and make ends meet.

The result of the investigations conducted for months by the carabinieri

At the end of the investigation the police they broke into an apartment of Tivoli where two men and three women lived, between 23 and 34 years old. The suspects were subjected to interrogation, they were unable and unwilling to justify the origin of the lithium batteries in the house.

Then they were reported to the prosecutor for receiving stolen goods. According to the reconstructions of the police forces, the batteries were stolen with particular care not to damage them and then immediately afterwards they were sold to fences at increasingly high prices.

The fences eventually sold them to people who always worked in the same industry by starting up a good path in the black market.

Why evildoers choose lithium batteries for their heists

It is not difficult to understand why the choice of lithium batteries is chosen, obviously it is not a random choice. The reason is very clear and precise, lithium batteries today have a very high price.

The profit of the criminals is around €1000. For this reason the theft of batteries in Italy is increasingly increasing. Minimum work maximum yield. Experienced and professional, but also non-expert thieves are involved in the trafficking of lithium batteries.

Professional thieves they manage to disassemble and steal the batteries of parked vehicles in a matter of seconds, especially if the vehicles are not properly guarded.

Probably the phenomenon is increasing not only due to the crisis but also due to the development of urban mobility, with the rise of sharing services, micromobility. Stealing lithium batteries from scooters and e-bikes for thieves is child’s play.

All this also considering the fact that electric vehicles are increasingly present in all urban centers and even more so in the larger ones where many users use them.

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